Lots of Seven People!

Thanks again to all these pretty people who came out to the downtown Borders in Washington, DC this past weekend. Thanks to the fantastic people who worked the store (special thanks to Annika, who I think we might have turned into a derby girl), Morgan Davidson for her tireless efforts at getting me in that store in the first place, and the kickass skaters from DC Rollergirls who came out to represent and promote.

I was in rare dork form, you guys. The podium was so tall I had to alternate between tip-toes and attempting to awkwardly lounge atop a table. This prompted the question: “Do you need a step stool?”

Man, I can never be cool!

I read for a while, shared a story from Little Pam’s past, gave out some presents, answered some questions and someone had me sign her iPhone case like I’m Jay-Z or something. Two hours of awesome fun.

This Saturday, you can find me in Bellingham, WA. Details here. Excitement! Please come! This one will be even more derby-tastic.

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People in the Washington DC area: Please Come See Me.

Friday, June 18th, 6:30pm
Washington, D.C. – 18th & L St – Borders
1801 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

I have a feeling there’s going to be about six people there and I’m going to feel guilty and end up taking everybody to dinner. I do know that there will be members of the DC Rollergirls in attendance. (That means possible pantsless ladies!) They’ve got a bout on the 20th to promote: the DC All-Stars vs. Kansas City Roller Warriors. Continue reading


Mom just brought me a chewable calcium supplement. Two, actually. “One for later,” she said, because Jason told her that Dr. Oz said somewhere that we can only absorb so much calcium at one time, so we need to take it in two doses. I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins, but I’m even more terrible at them ever since Jason began a sentence (with only the best of intentions) with, “You know, in terms of calcium, once a woman reaches thirty-five…” I hit mute, rewind, delete, deny.

I kind of walk around all day right now with this low-level, stomach-knot anxiety. Part of it must come from me being unable to do anything that feels like actual exercise. I can’t skate, I can’t go for a run, I can’t even go for a twenty-minute walk without regretting it later. So I sit. I sit and wait. I wait for word on the upfronts. Any minute now we find out the fate of Romantically Challenged. I’m under contract there, which means I can only do so much alternate planning in case the show goes from hiatus to cancelled. With the publication of Going in Circles I am finished with my contract, and I’m now writing chapters that will end up in a book proposal. I’ve also written up a pitch for an hour-long tv show based on a novel I love, love, love, but I’m waiting on notes from my agent… who is busy with upfronts. I meet tomorrow with the studio I’m creating a half-hour pitch with this development season, which means I’m waiting to find out what project I’ll ultimately be pitching with them. I’m waiting on responses for a few other possibles here and there. All good things, if only a “YES” would come back. I’m waiting. I’m writing. I’m waiting. And I’m closely monitoring my dwindling savings account. Continue reading

I Didn’t Fall! (But I Almost Fell. Right When I Got to the Podium. (Forward!))

The book signing went well! By the end of the hour it looked like a Derby Gang had shown up to be my bodyguards, and perhaps their intimidating size could be the reason the place sold out my books before everybody got a chance to get a copy. Note to writers: get a gang. When the pretty pants-less lady stares down your audience in a bookstore, it turns out they’ll pretty much do anything for her.

In all honesty, as much as the pants-less lady did her job, I’m really grateful for all my friends and fans who braved misery (aka: The Grove on a weekend) to come out and hear me read a couple of things. They also got a very special letter from Little Pam before a few gifts were exchanged. The derby girls met writer girls, and the few boys in attendance couldn’t possibly have minded… well, mostly because of the pants-less lady. And in all honesty, this book reading really made me miss performing. Continue reading

Hi! This is awkward, right?

First I wanted to thank those of you who have written personally or blogged publicly about how much you enjoyed/identified with Going in Circles. Your words are very kind, and truly appreciated.

I mentioned earlier that All You Magazine has chosen Going in Circles as its Book Club Selection for May. They’ve now posted their supplemental material, which includes a contest/sweepstakes/semi-dangerous-sounding-event that you and your book club might find interesting. Continue reading

interview: The Big Idea | Whatever

What happens in this novel bears little resemblance to what happened in my own. This is not a memoir. But the emotions the main character is struggling with that cause her to believe she might actually be going crazy — that’s where this story comes from. Because when things are in limbo like that, when your life seems stuck on pause, every question appears to have sixteen thousand equally plausible answers. When I was struggling with my own answers, I never seemed to have the ones people were looking for. I think it’s because human beings have a natural, very healthy, instinct to avoid pain. Going through a divorce or signing up for roller derby says to the world, “I am about to get hurt. A lot. Seemingly willingly.” Who could understand that?

I’m always proud to be a part of anything John Scalzi‘s doing, and I’m flattered to be the featured writer in today’s The Big Idea.

I’ll tell a Scalzi story, for those of you who have wandered over here from Whatever. Continue reading

Big Week, Big Day

1. Success! We hit over 200 donations for the Dewey Donation System!

2. The show I was working on over the winter, Romantically Challenged, starring Alyssa Milano, premieres tonight on ABC after Dancing With the Stars. I believe in the next month they’re airing four of the six episodes we shot.

3. Going in Circles comes out tomorrow! There was some Friday night silliness over it, when Dan and I went to the Grove to see what my friend meant when she texted, “I just saw your face at Barnes and Noble.” We got in trouble for taking pictures of the sign. “But that’s HER!” Dan kept saying to the security guard, who was having none of it. The third time he came over to tell us to stop, one of the store managers was with him. He gave me this bemused smirk like I was less-than-adorable. “That’s okay. I understand,” he said. “Is this your first novel?”

Which is when I had to say, “Um, no, sir. It’s my third.”


Stayin’ classy, y’all.

dewey day two

I can’t stop messing with these MRI scans the imaging center gave me on a disc to take home. So I put up today’s Dewey contest to give me something to do that will actually be productive.

Did you know it’s National Library Week? Go hug your library. It misses you and you will certainly miss it if it suddenly has to go away.

I’m in an Outsiders kind of mood today, so the wishlist is for the Westfield Detention Center. Books donated will be filling a library where Mount Holyoke students volunteer their time to read with/to the boys detained at Westfield.

And congrats to Nicolle R. Bougas, who donated yesterday and will be receiving a signed copy of Going in Circles.