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  • free for you

    free for you

    This week has been an ass-kicker. A “no” on a job I wanted (that happened at the exact same time we got rear-ended on the highway), another no, another no, Oprah ending, a plumbing clog that has caused septic nightmares coming from inside the house. And since methane gas inside the house isn’t enough, a…

  • Come See Me! — Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2011

    Attention all Southland book-nerds and stalkers, this is your warning that I will be in public, answering questions and dorking out on the lovely USC campus, Saturday, April 30th for a discussion and book signing.

  • On the Neon, Neon Side of Town.

    On the Neon, Neon Side of Town.

    So the last time I had a chance to update I was in Athens, GA, closing out the book tour for Going in Circles. The book reading was a complete blast. The place was packed with both pamie.com (well, TelevisionWithoutPity.com) fans and derby girls, and it was one of those events that makes me miss…

  • mostly i’m just wigging out here.

    Yesterday’s entry brought some good email/comments from you guys. [readermail]I love that you’re taking your mom on the Orient Express. I cannot wait to read all about it. Maybe you should write a book. In fact, I command you to! Besides, it would make a way better movie than Eat, Pray, Love and Meryl Streep…

  • goodreads giveaway

    To help promote Dewey over at Goodreads I’m offering up three copies of Going in Circles. All you have to do is click (and click again), and you’ve entered! (And maybe spread the word about Dewey to help your Karma?)

  • lots of updates and cool stuff

    lots of updates and cool stuff

    I’m sorry I’ve been away for this past month, but I was writing. Just not here. I went out with a pitch and a spec pilot and a book proposal so there’s lots of “me” that is currently “out there,” which took time away from right here. Actually… just blame Twitter.

  • Where I had been and what I will have had happen.

    Let’s see. I went to Bellingham and that was fun. I got to meet superfan Teecer, who was extremely sweet and had all my books, and superhero Jen, who was awesome (Thanks for the review, Jen!). Lots of people came to the book signing, a homeless man won my box of Kleenex, and someone in…

  • Live Chat with the Readers of Tomato Nation for Going in Circles

    Today! 7:30 Eastern, 4:30 Pacific… I don’t know what time that is for you Australians. Over here on Sarah’s page I’ll be live-chatting with her readers, answering questions about Going in Circles. Come join in the fun!

  • Tomato Nation Read Along — Going in Circles

    Move over, Oprah. Sarah Bunting’s starting up her own book club. Her readers voted and chose Going in Circles as their first selection. They spent the past few weeks reading and today they begin their discussion in this thread following Sarah’s review. I will also be participating in a live chat with the readers of…

  • Oprah.com: Show Me Who You Really Are — How Roller Derby Can Save Your Life

    I got so excited about this I screwed up the update twice. When times get tough, tough girls get rolling. At least that’s what Pamela Ribon says. The author of Going in Circles (which she affectionately refers to as Eat, Cry, Shove) extols the virtues of roller derby, why it worked better than therapy when…