I Didn’t Fall! (But I Almost Fell. Right When I Got to the Podium. (Forward!))

The book signing went well! By the end of the hour it looked like a Derby Gang had shown up to be my bodyguards, and perhaps their intimidating size could be the reason the place sold out my books before everybody got a chance to get a copy. Note to writers: get a gang. When the pretty pants-less lady stares down your audience in a bookstore, it turns out they’ll pretty much do anything for her.

In all honesty, as much as the pants-less lady did her job, I’m really grateful for all my friends and fans who braved misery (aka: The Grove on a weekend) to come out and hear me read a couple of things. They also got a very special letter from Little Pam before a few gifts were exchanged. The derby girls met writer girls, and the few boys in attendance couldn’t possibly have minded… well, mostly because of the pants-less lady. And in all honesty, this book reading really made me miss performing.

Thanks to all of your help, there are a few other cities currently trying to get me into their bookstores. (DC, Bellingham, Baltimore — I think it’s happening!) Thanks to those of you who have contacted your derby leagues or local bookstores to see if we can do a cross promotion between an upcoming bout and this book. I love the Do-It-Yourself spirit of roller derby. My goodness. Part gang, part publicists. I mean it, people. Get yourself a derby league.

I’m also extremely touched by the letters and stories you’ve been telling me about the losses you’ve experienced, unexpected break-ups and lengthy periods of indecision. I will be the one billionth person to say that writing is a solitary process, and there were times when I was writing Going in Circles when all I could worry was, “Isn’t this what everybody else has already said?” and “Isn’t this exactly what you’re not supposed to say?” Both at the same time. It was a lonely struggle to figure out what I wanted to say (or needed to say) that was also what you wanted to read. So the responses, while I’m so sorry you’ve gone through anything so painful, have made it feel slightly less raw.

But just slightly.

And finally, I’m very flattered to be chosen as one of The Outside Lane’s Women Worth Knowing.

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