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  • dewey’s gearing up…

    I completely second what Dave said.

  • man.

    So, some of the archives aren’t working, and the pretty Amazon links went away when we upgraded to the latest Moveable Type. We had to, because my website stopped working entirely for about a month. I’m sorry for the mess while we try to figure things out. But you know, the people who keep this […]

  • The Raconteurs: 7″ Single

    Song: “Steady As She Goes” In case you needed further proof that I am a huge nerd…

  • This just in. Glark is

    This just in. Glark is very good at videogames. (happy birthday every day, glark)

  • guts

    When I first see the cover of Haunted on Amazon, I have to close my web browser. It is truly disturbing. When I buy the book, I keep it face-down because it makes me so uncomfortable. Whenever stee sees it accidentally turned face-up he says, “Fix your creepy-ass book.” I start reading it in Toronto. […]

  • Scenes from my birthday party

    Scenes from my birthday party

    I wish I was watching all of my 21 Jump Street DVD episodes with Sars. Best moment of the pilot: when Johnny Depp gets really sad because he can’t stop thinking about his father, we watch him from outside his apartment window as he stares at a photograph of his father while soulfully playing the […]

  • processing the new year

    processing the new year

    The morning after the wedding, we woke up and listened to this song in bed and thought about how happy we were and how perfectly the wedding went and how lucky we were to have these amazing friends and family who braved the rain and snow and winds and this strange waterfall that happens on […]

  • how it works is…

    First I laugh because Glark says “BrundleFly.” Then I click the link to the picture and I’m terrified by Glark’s close-up with that weird angle and the strip of facial hair and the tongue. And then I read the comments section and I’m laughing so hard that I forget all the trauma that occured and […]