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  • Pamie Dot Com Joins the FuturePresent

    Hello! It’s the fancy, shiny, new face for pamie.com! Special thanks to Glark for his patience. Example of patience:

  • And then what happens when you find another girl’s bra in your apartment.

    [Setting: Twitter] @pamelaribon — I just pulled a bra out of my drawer and put it on, only to realize… this isn’t mine. I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret. (…is it yours?) @Glark — Stop crowdtesting your new novel Pamie. @Mjfrig — Yes, I have man-boobs, okay! Stop rubbing it in. #idontreally #onlyajokeiswear @auriflamme — […]

  • Where I had been and what I will have had happen.

    Let’s see. I went to Bellingham and that was fun. I got to meet superfan Teecer, who was extremely sweet and had all my books, and superhero Jen, who was awesome (Thanks for the review, Jen!). Lots of people came to the book signing, a homeless man won my box of Kleenex, and someone in […]

  • Reasons for this Tummy Ache

    Reasons for this Tummy Ache

    EAT THROUGH AUSTIN, the final list:

  • Eat Through Austin, Day One: The Eatening

    The best part about Eat Through Austin is that as soon as you tell someone our plan, that person is immediately on board. “Oh, right on. I’m so jealous.” Dave, Tara and I are here to eat. All of Austin, if possible. That’s it. We have friends on the agenda, of course. I haven’t been […]

  • Forces of Nature

    First: A Short Play to Demonstrate the Amount of Control Anna Beth Chao Has Over My Life [Two women sit 1736 miles away from each other. An unemployed blonde with absolutely nothing to do for months stares at her living room bookcase, picks up her cell phone and sends a text.] PAMIE: What if I […]

  • Three pretty pictures and three heart-stopping videos

    Three pretty pictures and three heart-stopping videos

    This weekend, it’s LA vs SD as the Varsity Brawlers take on The Swarm. This bout will sell out, so get your tickets like, right now.

  • My Only New Year’s Drunk Dial Was From My Soberest Friend.

    Normally, Dave Cole does not drink. In fact, until the last few hours of 2008, I believe he’d never touched a drop. The Power of Anna Beth worked again (see: everything anybody has ever done that wasn’t their idea and might not have been the best idea but made everyone else happy), so at her […]

  • Black Bean Soup?

    It’s still keeping me up at night, so if you have any ideas, Dave and I would love to hear them.

  • bam.

    Oh, like you don’t do this on your weekends? I’m working on my Roller Derby Debut entry. But until that’s finished, there’s this. Pamie Creates a Pile-Up from Glark on Vimeo. I’m the girl in the blue helmet, rounding up the back, slamming to the rail causing my teammate (sorry, Kiss M’Grits, I stepped in […]