Oh, like you don’t do this on your weekends?

I’m working on my Roller Derby Debut entry. But until that’s finished, there’s this.

Pamie Creates a Pile-Up from Glark on Vimeo.

I’m the girl in the blue helmet, rounding up the back, slamming to the rail causing my teammate (sorry, Kiss M’Grits, I stepped in too early) and the opposing jammer (HELL, yeah! That’s what I was trying to do) to fall to the ground. This isn’t billiards, people. It’s not slop as long as the right girl is eventually on the ground.

That girl you hear screaming, “MINNIE, SKATE! MINNIE, SKATE!” is co-manager Trixie Biscuit. She must have been standing right next to my brother Glark, who takes awesome pictures, some of which I even allow on the Internet.

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