The Raconteurs: 7″ Single

Song: “Steady As She Goes”

In case you needed further proof that I am a huge nerd…

…I’m geeking out over this website design. And then I thought, “Dammit, why is Glark in Hawaii, where I can’t show him this?

“The website lets you stream the two songs from the single that supposedly went out yesterday and now cannot be found without mad London ebay funds. But you can grab this .mp3 over at Stereogum.

Other recent moments in nerdocity include:

  • Rolling on the couch in laughter over Zach Galifianakis on Comedians of Comedy. [Nerdy because: I was alone, and I might have said, out loud, “He’s so funny.” To nobody. Then I looked around for a cat, because it’s saner to talk to a cat, right? [There was no cat.]]
  • Turning in early to read my graphic novel. Forcing myself to stop because I was more than halfway finished.* Preparing my cat’s insulin shot early in the morning because he’s got to spend the day at the vet’s, where I made them say back to me what time he needs his shot.
  • Watching Jollibee commercials in streaming video.* Debating writing an entry where I tell you this is the last day to vote for me for the Bloggies.
  • Stopping myself from emailing Omar to geek about his Mix CD [Also known as “What it sounds like to borrow Pam’s iPod for an hour.”].
  • Writing a reminder to myself to pay my parking ticket. Sara, who is more punk rock than I am, is trying to convince me not to pay it. I will not give in to her Afterschool Special peer pressure!* Waking up from a dream where I was having such a horrible asthma attack that I was dying. (In reality it is possible that Cal was sitting on my throat.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish my homework before my doctor’s appointment.

Oh, my God. I’m such a nerd. I will now turn the music up and pretend I’m even slightly hardcore.

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