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  • Andi and Hamish’s Wedding (apology)

    Andi and Hamish’s Wedding (apology)

    In college Amy was a double major in HELL and CRAZY. This meant she never slept and was always on top of things. She is now about to be a doctor. Her husband, Kevin, is about to be a lawyer. And together they will own Texas in about seven years.

  • More Books For Your Wishlist

    Look at all the books! I’m so proud. John Scalzi‘s book, Old Man’s War, comes out in January. Miranda‘s book The Effects of Light, is out in February. Wendy’s book, I’m Not the New Me, debuts in April. And Erin’s book, Tales From the Scale, is out in May. Can’t wait? Read Gwen’s book, To […]

  • Chris and Allison’s Wedding

    “I just want one of those damn entries out there to just be called ‘Chris and Allison’s Wedding.’ Is that so hard? Can’t it just say that and then talk about how pretty the wedding was?” I would have done that anyway, even if the bride hadn’t specifically requested it, because the wedding was perfect. […]

  • One Week Later…

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to abandon you, there. Let’s see. Well, I was pretty busy recapping my butt off for Boomtown and Gilmore Girls. I’m also diving back into my new novel, and I’ll allow myself to be sidetracked in a second to stop working on it, so I’ve been forcing myself to go to coffee […]

  • Pep Talks

    To live in Los Angeles, you must have a thick skin. Just about every single day someone is going to turn you down. Someone is going to reject you. Sometimes entire companies take a quick glance at you and say, “No.” You want to know why. The truth is, there’s no real “Why.” Sure, they […]

  • on being funny

    and some hate mail Someone asked me today, “Where do you think your wit comes from?” People don’t generally like that question answered with a joke, so I gave my usual, “I work very hard on it,” answer, but it got me thinking. Where did my funny come from?

  • Can She Get Me a Friend?

    veruca salt ain’t got nothing on me. There is a knot in my back. Right by my shoulder blade. I really, really, really need a massage therapist. Sometimes I take a look around at my friends and realize that I’m missing some important people in my life. Some of my friends are just standing around […]

  • my name is skinhead girl

    it’s almost over As much as I’ve been complaining about how busy I am, I’m really sad that Polaroid Stories is ending tomorrow.  We’ve joked about how we haven’t done this much rehearsal for a show since competitive high school theatre, where you had 35 minutes to put up a show, run it and strike […]

  • old friends

    the best kind of surprise phone call In case there were any worries, I’m not planning to end my site any time soon.  I see this has been a trend in the online journal community lately, and there seems to be something in the air once we get to the end of each month (“ih.  […]