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  • YTIFH Book Giveaway: Thank You for Being a Friend

    I’d like to host my own little book giveaway, to thank you guys for all the support and passion you’ve given You Take It From Here and for making this book-writing thing a little less lonely. From the Amazon and Goodreads reviews, to the pictures of you with your copy you’ve posted to Facebook and […]

  • These Boots Are Made for Mocking

    Dear Stacy: UPDATE. These boots you helped me find, both are going back. The Frye “banana” is really more of a tan, and might work if I popped it with a crazy red or that blue you were coveting. That being said, it fits like a galosh, and is really pooling around my ankles. The […]

  • just one of the many reasons.

    “I had two female friends in my life before I started roller derby. Two. Now I have eighty. That’s a big deal.” (This piece isn’t new, just new to me. It was nominated for a 2008 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Short Feature earlier this year.)

  • off the top of my head.

    I’m home alone on a Friday night. I got out of work at an hour usually reserved for beginning a second draft of a script, and it’s the start of a weekend, so I don’t really know what to do with myself. I talked to AB for a little while, but company arrived while we […]

  • office mates

    I used to be very shy. A quiet girl who liked to read books and stay out of the way. I wrote a lot of stories to entertain myself, and I wrote them from inside a walk-in closet because I’m a dork. I avoided making new friends because I knew I’d end up moving, and […]

  • brand new year’s eve

    Next stop on Pam Tour 2005: Monroe, Louisiana. Gonna go visit this family and this one. Many weeks ago we hatched the plan: surprise the Meat of Cheese (AKA Bitter Chris… or, post nuptials, just Chris) with a visit from pamie and stee. Welcome in our new year with old friends and auld lang blahblahblah. […]

  • seriously kicking it.

    Awesome accomplishment, Laura. I’m so proud of you. [Warning: you’ll probably get teary at the end, when Eric’s running and cheering, being a badass husband.]

  • dropping in

    dropping in

    I am at a hair salon, the one I go to on Sunset, and while I’m waiting to take these pieces of foil out of my head, I decided to open my computer. Here, at the salon, I have wireless. It is times like this when I don’t understand why people fear technology.

  • everybody’s working on the weekend.

    Having a job that pulls many hours a week at an office has given me something I haven’t had in a long time: weekends. Mmm. Weekends. Two blissful days without a commute. I had forgotten the luxury of spending the morning in bed with a cup of coffee, lazy cats, a good book (Does Lemony […]

  • From One Bride to Another

    From One Bride to Another

    [readermail] Subject: Warning to My Bitch (At)! To: pamie@pamie.com Dear “Pamela”, “Please” accept this “warning” from New York: Wear my wedding “guests” out at your New Year’s “nuptials” and “I” will have you “kilt”. This is “not” a “joke”. “Love”, Faye [/readermail]