What I Do For You

suffering the teasing

Okay, let me explain that although most of my friends read my journal at some point during their work week, they aren’t too heavily involved in the entire thing. One look at the forum and you know that mostly they read without talking back. That’s fine.

In fact, I just found out that my father reads this page every day when he’s at work. Hi, Dad. You should send an email every once in a while. I miss you. Hope you’re feeling well. I love you.

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French Fry Freak Out

and other things i’m ashamed of

Y’all. We need to talk about the drive-thru.

Listen, I understand that you want to eat the nice hot fries as soon as they come out of the window, but there are things you aren’t considering. You’re just shoving your hand in there and pulling out a bunch of fried potatoes and shoving them into your mouth not realizing that sometimes you’re eating my fries along with yours. See, they section the fries off into little individual boxes, and you have your fries and I have mine, and maybe I want to save them to eat with my sandwich. The only reason I’m putting my hand into the bag and shoving fries into my mouth now is because you’ve upset the balance of fries, and I know when we get back to the apartment you’re gonna give me the box with the smaller amount of fries and it isn’t fair because you ate all of the fries out of that one already.

I hate it when people eat my fries.

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i wasn’t joking around, here.

My first mistake was thinking that it was Eric I had to fear last night, after yesterday’s entry. After reading through the entry, he seemed to be pretty calm about everything.

My second mistake was deviating from my nightly schedule and deciding that instead of surfing late at night, I’d lay in the other room on the futon and read my book while I waited for Eric to get home from poker.

My third mistake was assuming that I was blessed with kitty love last night. In a strange behavior change, Taylor kept jumping into my lap, demanding some attention. I pet him until he drooled all over me. He never drools. I assumed he was just happy to be safe in my lap for a few minutes. He’d leave and then come back, leave and come back. No big deal.

My fourth mistake was in assuming that the reason Cal wanted to sit on me was because he was jealous of Taylor’s attention and was trying to make up for the attempted murders over the past week when he thought I had killed Eric off.

That last mistake was the largest mistake.

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Two Stories

i finally got clearance

I had to wait a while to tell you these stories. I’ve finally been given permission. Actually, I think I was given permission a little while ago, but it wasn’t until I was looking at the picture sent by the car dealership of Eric and me standing in front of the new car, next to the old Club Pro that I remembered the little extra something someone will get when they buy Club Pro off that lot.

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Remember me?

your sweat is still on my carpet.

Dear Billy Blanks ™,


Uh, I guess the first thing I should do is list my excuses, right? Do you want to hear them first, or last? Because I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the words, “I’ve been busy” three thousand times over the past couple of years. Maybe I should spare you. The important thing here is that I’ve reached out.

It had been a long time since you and I looked at each other, eye-to-incredibly-sweaty-eye. And yesterday I was a bit inspired, so I popped in the Advanced Live 7 tape, wondering if I still could achieve Warrior status.

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Possibly Too Much Information

you make the call.

First: I’m incredibly pissed off that 98.9 KJFK seems to have just disappeared and become a Soft Rock station, taking with it my only chance to listen to Howard Stern.

Between that and the “Downtown Jam,” the incredible meltdown of the Austin road system — where they’ve closed off almost all of downtown, parts of the highway, and sometimes the whole highway until 2002 and try and make it look like it’s a big damn party — there are times when I’m not upset that I’m leaving Austin.

Second: I’m a part of the bad ass new portal Damn Hell Ass Kings. You can go there for updates about your favorite (and new favorite) sites every day. Rock.

And now, the real point of the entry.

You might want to leave right now if you’re a member of my family, close to me or my boyfriend, or have no interest in hearing about the following things: my underwear, my ass, or my sex life.

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Postcards from the Edge

really, no labor anywhere around here

The Night Before

Hi. I leave tomorrow morning, but I thought it’d be a good idea to go out and have some fun before I leave. I mean, it’s Friday night, right? I’m just going to go out and have some dinner and drinks with my friends, dammit, because I like my friends.

See you soon,

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No Labor

that’s the plan, anyway

Late update today. Sorry.

Kicking off Labor Day weekend a bit early, which is nice.

So, it’s been 104-106 around here every day, which is unacceptable, if you ask me. It causes me to shed.

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