Three Stories

LA Story

I felt my first real earthquake today. I mean one where I knew an earthquake was about to hit and then it did. I sat through lots of earthquakes when I lived in Palm Springs as a kid, but I don’t really remember them. We lived above the laundry facility at a hotel, so we often thought it was the machines rumbling when it was actually a quake.

One happened when Dan first moved here to LA, but I was drying my hair at the time and thought Ray was doing some dumb-ass shit underneath the apartment. By the time I realized the world was shaking, the earthquake had finished. Continue reading


I can’t say I wish I had more time to write here, because I’m pretty happy with what is keeping me so busy right now. But it’d be nice to have more time here to write down what life has been like, mostly for me to have later (because this is supposed to be a diary, after all). I’m back at work on the Oxygen show for a few weeks, doing rewrite work on the pilot, and that has been much more fun than I could have predicted. I’m finishing a recap. I’m finishing the latest draft of the WGAW screenplay. I’m working on the book revisions. And in a couple of days I leave for Aspen. Continue reading

to do

I understand Allison’s need to post in all caps. When you get to the point where you’re looking at your to do list and it’s longer than there are minutes in the day, all you know how to do anymore is emphasize just how busy you are. Like Jack talking to Wendy when she interrupts him working. It’s distracting. Continue reading

Wonder Killer

I no longer trust anyone using a pay phone.

I realized that the other week, watching someone hunched over a pay phone, reading something off a crumpled piece of paper. Was he lost? What was he doing? Sure, not everybody can afford a cell phone, I know that. But homeboy’s standing next to a Pizza Hut and a Blockbuster, and he doesn’t have any other access to a phone? Not a friend with a cell phone? Couldn’t ask me to use my phone? I’d rather loan someone my cell than force them to use a pay phone. Because if you’re using a pay phone, you’re selling drugs. I mean, sell drugs, but have the decency to do it loudly on a cell phone, walking down the street, chatting for all to hear like everyone else in this town. Don’t be so obvious, hunching over a phone that has a … cord. Continue reading

the first christmas

success and turkey

Reason #903 to keep a journal:

You nice people sent me cards and presents and made me feel less alone this holiday. Thanks for that.

One of the best gifts we got this year was from Eric’s mom: a digital camera attachment for the Visor Handspring. You just hold up your Handspring and shoot. So, since everyone was so helpful in telling us how to make Christmas dinner, we took some pictures of the progress.

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food fight

a world of cooks in my kitchen

So, this is interesting. I have found out that if you look pathetic and lonely you get all sorts of cooking advice. Keep that in mind for the future, people. It’s quite handy.

I have seen the panic in people’s eyes when I say, “Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve never cooked a turkey before.”

This morning I found over thirteen different recipes for deviled eggs, stuffing and turkey in my inbox. This has filled me with such happiness. You don’t even know. It’s like having moms all around the world talking me through this Christmas dinner.

But it was yesterday at the Ralph’s that I learned just how nice people can be around the holiday. We were standing in line at the check-out counter– Oh, and before I forget– California: Your shopping carts are smaller than the ones we have in Texas. I look like a cow with an overflowing cart before I even get to the meat aisle. We had run out of space just buying bread and kitty litter. Get larger carts. Anyway, we were at the check-out counter when the woman behind me said, “Your turkey is leaking.”

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Paper Trail

out of control.

I spent all day finishing up my recap for Gilmore Girls, which is up. If you hate waiting around to read about notification on the new Gilmores here, you can always sign up for the mailing list at MBTV.

Then I did some phone calls, had lunch/dinner, had more phone calls, opened mail, read some journals and now suddenly it’s like seven. But the strange thing is in LA, 7 is still the late afternoon. I’m not used to that. Everything seems to start later here. Morning events start around ten. Which I’m not complaining about. But it’s a rare event that I’m in bed before three in the morning. It’s like I found an entire city that lives on my time.

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I Best Recognize

not too late

I don’t think it’s too late to do this. In fact, it’s what I’ve been thinking about for the past few days.

I’m thankful that I got to go home this past weekend. I’m thankful that not only I got to spend time with my family, I also got to spend time with friends. I love the sound of a house filled with laughter. I saw my sister more than I can remember doing in a long time. I’m very thankful for that. People were smiling. The food was good. I stayed up way too late and talked all night. Everyone got along and I had a great time. I’m thankful that even though I won’t be able to go home for Christmas this year, I got to spend time with my family and have it be holiday-filled.


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A Still Day

despite the puppies

There are dalmatians outside my backyard. All along Sunset they’ve placed inflated puppies on top of the buildings. They loom over the street and threaten to snap off and hit a car at any time. Sad, floaty puppies staring at us, begging to be cut free, wishing they weren’t stuck on enormous leashes. Some puppies smack into each other, bumping butts and having their ears flop around. It’s both sad and hilarious. Disney has taken over my view.

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It's Been Busy

welcome to the hotel california

Perhaps I should explain life with Ray and that will explain why I haven’t written since Thursday.

Actually, once I explain, then perhaps you’ll understand why the last entry was filled with typos.

Wednesday we arrived with Chris. Chris stayed until Saturday morning. We all slept on the hardwood floor, which if you haven’t ever done, you should be incredibly proud of yourself. It sucks. Friday night Weldon and Martinique arrived with the cats. They spent the night Friday (they took the couches, we took the floor), and they left Saturday morning, just in time for one of Ray’s friends from Austin to show up. She spent the morning with us, as Ray was out running errands. My friend Tyson showed up and we went to stee‘s house to feed the cat. We ended up trapped on stee’s street between a tar truck and a mail truck for thirty minutes. They actually laughed at us from the roof. Y’all, that’s no way to live.

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