i’m tired

and xeney tried to start some shit

I am so tired.  This whole week every day I get up I’m just a little more tired.  Last night was long– after work I went straight to rehearsal and then we had a performance.  I hadn’t eaten, and I was really tired and mopey.  The place where we were booked was next to empty, so I volunteered to be a “laugher,” since the cast seriously outweighed the house.  Thankfully, they decided that was a good idea, so I drank glass after glass of water and yelled suggestions and laughed.  Three hours later at midnight I was on my way home.  I picked up some dinner, ate it, talked with Eric for a while and then we went to sleep.  It feels like I never got to sleep at all.

I had one of those dreams where you weren’t really sure you were dreaming and even after you’re awake you have to keep convincing yourself it was just a dream.  I mentioned that we got digital cable last week.  Well, last night when we came home the television and the cable box wouldn’t turn on.  You could go right up to the television and press the “power” button and nothing would happen.  After checking all of the connections I called the cable company and they sent some sort of signal and it turned everything back on.  We didn’t even watch anything.  We just went right to sleep.  This explains (in some part) my dream.

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troupe dreams

where i don’t talk about the oscars or march madness — I’m that self-centered this morning

How early is it?  Oh, man.  It’s early.

I’ve started a new shift at work.  It’s early.  Early in the a.m.  But I guess that means earlier entries for you guys.

hip-hip– zzzzzz.

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i know that look

you hate me, don’t you?

I had a dream that I was at a really bad disco concert. I wanted to leave, but for some reason I just stayed put, watching boring song after boring song.

I woke up an hour late, my alarm clock playing the disco station. Apparently I was having that dream for a while.

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in dreams

eric tries to convert me

Oh, the irony that is my life. The doctor’s office called yesterday. Everything is fine. No more pre-cancerous cells. Nothing to worry about. I just have a slight infection, take some medicine and I’ll be all cleared up.

Happy, happy, joy, joy, right?

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getting to know you

or rather, me

I had to get up very early this morning to take a class at work. This has ruined my stomach. For some reason if I wake up at seven in the morning, then I have to have breakfast on my way to work or I’m crabby. But then after I eat my stomach is all upset because I normally don’t eat anything until three in the afternoon or so. And then I’m all hungry right around noon and I think, “Well, gee, I haven’t eaten.” And then I eat lunch and then I remember that I just had breakfast four hours earlier, and then the next thing I know I’ve eaten twice as much as I would have normally eaten in one day and I know that when I get home I’m going to want dinner.

So I can’t work an early shift schedule or I’ll turn into a big fat fatty.

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