W is for Waiting and Writing… and Wedding… and Work… and Wow.

So here’s what it’s like, these days, to be me. It’s what it’s like to live this life, this place where each day is as unpredictable as the next.

This morning we planned our honeymoon around Sundance, because stee and Frank are finalists for the filmmaker’s lab. They won’t know until December 17th if they got in, but we knew if we scheduled the honeymoon at the same time as the lab, they’d be sure to get in. Also we couldn’t make it any later, because we’re waiting to hear what’s going to happen with the Oxygen show, as well as Stee’s own show he’s developing with the WB.

But we are GOING on our HONEYMOON. We’ve been looking forward to it since we got engaged — the possibility of several days of nothing to do, nowhere to go, no phone calls or deadlines. We’ve found a place that’s supposed to be incredibly isolated and quiet and beachy and I’m looking forward to living in my bikini for a few days.

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I just finished watching Waking Life, which in itself is a trippy-floaty experience, an animated fantasy that explores our dream life compared to our waking life, asking what happened before we got here, what’s going to happen to us when we’re gone, and how has our process of evolution changed as we’ve become more aware of our surroundings. Continue reading

Do it!

I think it’s important to tell you that I am at the center of some freaky kind of job karma. People are landing dream jobs right and left of me, from book deals to television shows to newspaper gigs. They’re going after jobs they didn’t think they could get, and getting them. I’ve been telling everybody: go for your dream job. Right now. Do it. There’s something in the air, and it’s truly awesome to see.

i need more sleep

The only thing people hate to read more than a list of what someone did all day is a description of her dream last night, but suck it.

Stee and I were sitting on the floor watching CNN and it said “WAR attacks!” We were watching people flee Atlanta, and there were planes bombing. Buildings were on fire. CNN told us that this would certainly be our last night alive. I thought about my family, and how I was with stee and we looked at each other and decided to make some phone calls. I got out some kind of Blackberry pager and it said “Party Commits Suicide.” I look back on the television and CNN is announcing that the attacks on America were the Republicans. Their anger from their convention had turned into a riot and then a full-scale attack. The Republicans had decided, apparently, that if they couldn’t have the country, nobody could. Continue reading

Meeting John Cusack

and we both learn a lesson

I am angry, shocked and pissy that the office where I work has begun blocking websites they feel hurt productivity. It might be just a matter of days before I can’t access this page there anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. I only have another week here, anyway.

I rarely have good dreams. I’ll have the occasional normal dream or a boring dream, but it’s not too often where I have a dream where I wake up laughing or smiling. I tend to remember those because it shows me what I enjoy in my life.

And last night I met John Cusack.

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No Sleep 'Til…

my non-sleeping patterns

I haven’t been sleeping so well lately. I stay up too late anyway, finishing up work, trying to get things in before their deadlines. But lately when I finally get to bed, I’ll spend at least thirty minutes lying there, thinking about other things.

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i don’t know.

I was just sitting here typing when I heard Eric’s voice. It’s on the television. He’s doing these cable commercials now for their cable modem service. It’s a bit jolting. It sounds like he’s in the other room asking me to buy something. The commercial makes me giggle, because he’s so damn happy about Road Runner.

I try not to read into my dreams too much. It tends to make me nervous. But since last night was a bit of a repeat dream, I can’t help but wonder what it means.

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randomly yours.

miss one monday and jeff gets pissy (and eric requests some content)

I’m filled with guilt, as last night Jeff told me that he was very disappointed that I hadn’t updated. He’s got that motherly guilt-trip thing going where he “knows you’re busy” but that he was “really looking forward to it” and you just have to go and update right away because otherwise you’re a bad kid. So, here, Jeff. I’m updating.

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an expired link, really.

It’s my parents’ 27th wedding anniversary today.

That impresses me.

I had a dream last night where I thought I had made the splash page a pop-up window instead of a splash page and no one could get into Squishy. This to me means it’s time to take a bit of time away from HTML and computers in general.

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