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  • on being funny

    and some hate mail Someone asked me today, “Where do you think your wit comes from?” People don’t generally like that question answered with a joke, so I gave my usual, “I work very hard on it,” answer, but it got me thinking. Where did my funny come from?

  • A Quiet Time

    and Taylor checks in. Happy Birthday, Mommy. Hope the new job isn’t working you too hard. So, I mentioned briefly yesterday that I lost my voice. I really lost my voice, though, and I can always tell when it sounds bad because the following always happens:

  • go, go, club pro

    saying goodbye This afternoon I pick up a new car. And in doing so, I say goodbye to Club Protege.

  • Here.

    I did it. No, for real. There were times when I was pretty sure I was going to pass out from this redesign. Seriously. But, here it is. It’s all done. New forum. New design. Banner ads. New navigation (sorta). I must now resist the urge to never come near this site again.

  • Shh.

    i don’t know. I was just sitting here typing when I heard Eric’s voice. It’s on the television. He’s doing these cable commercials now for their cable modem service. It’s a bit jolting. It sounds like he’s in the other room asking me to buy something. The commercial makes me giggle, because he’s so damn…

  • Packing

    and my dad calls Well, it was bound to happen. Squishy has officially outgrown its britches, and I’m moving the site to a new webhosting company, with more space. Because of this, at some point next week the mail server might go down for a little while, or depending on InterNIC, it might be a…

  • i’m seven

    and my parents are on their way, dude. I damaged the muscles around my solar plexus doing Tae-Bo on Monday. I’m not sure how I did it, and I don’t know how to avoid doing it again. It hurts to stand up straight, and it hurts to lean back at all. It’s like someone is…

  • things we said today

    stuff i want them to take back and things i want to keep hearing forever. I’ve been thinking about the voices in my head lately, the ones who have said things in the past that I’ve never forgotten.  To clear up some space for some new voices, I have decided to write these down and…

  • Mousepad

    an expired link, really. It’s my parents’ 27th wedding anniversary today. That impresses me. I had a dream last night where I thought I had made the splash page a pop-up window instead of a splash page and no one could get into Squishy. This to me means it’s time to take a bit of…

  • skin

    it looks good on me Hmm. I like my skin. I know I come here and bitch about this or that, complain about my body and its glorious eye-goo and everything, but I rarely state what I like about myself. I should say more positive things, right? [scripty]NED Yes, indeedly-doodly, pamie![/scripty]