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  • Maybe you can find it.

    I’m looking for a United Way poster from the past. I’ve been searching the Internet trying to gain access to archives, but I’m turning up nothing. It’s also possible that it’s not United Way, but it’s March of Dimes. It’s from the late 1950’s, possibly the early 1960’s, and it’s one of those posters featuring […]

  • Your Parents Will Never Wish You This Life

    Your post “The Magical Vulva of Opportunity” really struck a chord with me because between parents encouraging me to “go back to school and became a professional naval-gazer in a safe environment like a college campus” and the snippets I hear every day about struggling, unhappy TV writers, I’m starting to wonder if I’m setting myself for a life of disappointment.

  • Mother on the Orient Express: Part Three

    Mother on the Orient Express: Part Three

    Yesterday would have been my parents’ 37th wedding anniversary. It made me remember how there was supposed to be a third person on this trip with my mom. Dad.

  • My Brain is a Jerk.

    I’ve mentioned before how my dreams are annoyingly literal. I rarely have to spend any time pondering, “I wonder what that meant.” Yes, even REMpam is a Wonder Killer. How literal? Well, to be extremely graphic, I once had a dream in college where a notoriously tough professor was butt-raping me in front of the […]

  • a very quick play about my knee.

    [scripty] INTERIOR DOCTOR’S OFFICE — BEVERLY HILLS — AFTERNOON DOCTOR Okay, so how’s your knee? PAMIE Well, it feels really wonky. And after some consultations with Dr. Google, I think it might be my PCL. DOCTOR (instantly skeptical) Uh-huh. PAMIE Look, I know. I know. But my knee was injured here, like this, with the […]

  • Skate, Skate, Skate

    Skate, Skate, Skate

    It’s that time again. I’m skating in another bout. This time I’m co-captain of my team. It has tapped into all of my dormant director skills and –unpredictably– has resulted in me jonesing to get back on stage. It has also resulted in me giving some long-winded, overly-emotional locker room speeches about teamwork and dedication. […]

  • Seven.

    Dear Dad, When I think about the fact that it’s been exactly seven years since you died, I don’t get sad. I get angry. I get this ball of fury under my ribcage that causes me to tremble and pace and wish there was something I could do. This helpless rage is not over how […]

  • Thank you, Senator Obama

    For the first time since the Nixon Administration, my mother has registered to vote. My mom, who actively tries to avoid knowing news because it upsets her too much, has HAD ENOUGH. She is voting for change and is on my sister’s ass to get registered by tonight’s deadline so they can vote for Obama […]

  • fun with mom. (snippets from the cell phone)

    [scripty] PAMIE Mom. Mom! Richard Grieco just walked into this coffeeshop. MOM Who? Oh. From 90210. PAMIE 21 Jump Street. MOM Which one was he, again? PAMIE Booker. He’s the one who was not Johnny Depp. … Which I bet he hears all the time, including in his nightmares. He had the spin-off, remember? Booker? […]