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  • i need more sleep

    The only thing people hate to read more than a list of what someone did all day is a description of her dream last night, but suck it. Stee and I were sitting on the floor watching CNN and it said “WAR attacks!” We were watching people flee Atlanta, and there were planes bombing. Buildings […]

  • Turning House to Home

    Still no DSL. I’m waiting for the dial-up to finish downloading email. With 367 pieces of spam and growing, I may be waiting for some time. We painted the living room/dining room. We moved in the plants. We unpacked some of the books and all of the CDs. It is now starting to look like […]

  • ‘Til I’m Home Again and Feeling Right

    It’s a very strange sensation, walking into my mom’s new house, seeing everything I associate with home (the dog, the bookshelves, the large dining room table, Mom) in a place I’ve never seen before in my life. It’s exactly like when you dream that you’re in your house but it’s not your house but it […]

  • Change

    I have a friend who’s entering her ninth month of pregnancy. I saw her the other night and commented on how beautiful her hair has become. She informed me that when you get pregnant, the hormone that makes your hair fall out (100 strands a day or so) stops being produced, so you stop losing […]

  • Insignificance

    It feels really silly. This morning I got to drive through the Warner Brothers lot for a meeting, and I squealed like a child when I saw the E.R. set — the ambulance bay and Doc Magoo’s. Then I bounced in the passenger seat when I realized we were next driving through Stars Hollow, the […]

  • Late at Night

    I am restless. Restless. Nothing sounds interesting. I tried watching television. Reruns. I tried reading my book. Short stories of Dorothy Parker just aren’t grabbing my attention tonight. I worked out. I cooked dinner. I cleaned. I took out the trash. I’m listening for the neighbors, at this point.

  • squishy revisited

    squishy revisited

    So, here we are. One year later. Let me just get this out of the way first: I missed you, too. I missed you very much, actually. It was lonely without you around. After all those days spent complaining that you guys were too much to handle, I felt like a mom who had finally […]

  • Meeting John Cusack

    and we both learn a lesson I am angry, shocked and pissy that the office where I work has begun blocking websites they feel hurt productivity. It might be just a matter of days before I can’t access this page there anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. I only have another week here, […]

  • What I Do For You

    suffering the teasing Okay, let me explain that although most of my friends read my journal at some point during their work week, they aren’t too heavily involved in the entire thing. One look at the forum and you know that mostly they read without talking back. That’s fine. In fact, I just found out […]

  • Two Stories

    i finally got clearance I had to wait a while to tell you these stories. I’ve finally been given permission. Actually, I think I was given permission a little while ago, but it wasn’t until I was looking at the picture sent by the car dealership of Eric and me standing in front of the […]