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  • Shave and a Haircut, Two Blocks

    Shave and a Haircut, Two Blocks

    It was very tempting to just write, “So that happened.” And then move on. Because honestly, it will be near impossible to put into words the past three weeks. I figure I’m going to need the help of some photographs. While I’m waiting for everything to come in (and if you’re reading this and have […]

  • This Flute of Mine, So Gay

    Right now somewhere in Los Angeles and New York, simultaneously, there’s a conference call to discuss whether or not our show is going to Aspen. We won’t know for a few hours. I’m trying to pretend my stomach isn’t twisting in knots. I’m working on one script while reading another, and because my brain is […]

  • lattes of the rich and the famous…

    The constant social disconnect that is Hollywood can be fun, but it can also get frustrating. I’m at a Starbucks staring at a man who is either: A) Someone I met recently and had like, a single conversation with, which means I met him at a party, or I had a meeting with him, or […]

  • Fan Mail

    Which one of you did this? [readermail] Subject: Oh my dearest Pamie! Date: September 21, 2004 10:51:33 PM PDT To: pamie@pamie.com My God, you are lovely. Please allow me to wisk you away on a romantic journey with my magical flying carriage and my sarcastic horse, Whiskers. We shall see the stars, grasp heaven in […]

  • Late at Night

    I am restless. Restless. Nothing sounds interesting. I tried watching television. Reruns. I tried reading my book. Short stories of Dorothy Parker just aren’t grabbing my attention tonight. I worked out. I cooked dinner. I cleaned. I took out the trash. I’m listening for the neighbors, at this point.

  • store stories

    say i’m the only bee in your bonnet Yesterday afternoon I stopped in the store to pick up a few items. While wandering though the frozen food section, I saw two young girls staring slack-jawed into one of the freezer doors. I had to see what had stopped them in their tracks. As I approached, […]