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  • the internet and me were on a break (sorry).

    Oh, my goodness. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. It’s because you need to: Watch Samantha Who? starring Christina Applegate, Jean Smart, Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Esposito, starting October 15th, Monday nights on ABC. Right between Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. A night so girly, you just might ovulate! There are a […]

  • Jollibee and My Mother Are On a Break

    In case you were driving to work today wondering, “Does pamie still get hate mail from angry Jollibee lovers?” The answer is yes. Usually one a week or so, for the past year and a half. Here’s the latest.

  • sushikulous.


    It’s been exactly one year since I last blogged from this free-wireless/sushi bar inside the airport, and once again I’m in love. But this time, I’ve got a MacBook. Why is it so hard to find free wireless in an airport? Why is JFK the only airport that truly loves you?

  • outside is weird.

    I was sitting in the lobby of a studio, waiting for a meeting. I had before never met the person I was meeting, so whenever someone walked out of the doors I’d look up. My arms were crossed over my chest and my legs were crossed, jumpy from the coffee. A woman approached me and […]

  • See?


    Look how important it is to me that I sign his boots the right way. Look at the tension in my free hand saying, “This man is going to see what I wrote every time he looks down. I’d better make it count.” I signed them, “Keep asking questions.” But judging from his Q&A personality, […]

  • off the top of my head.

    I’m home alone on a Friday night. I got out of work at an hour usually reserved for beginning a second draft of a script, and it’s the start of a weekend, so I don’t really know what to do with myself. I talked to AB for a little while, but company arrived while we […]

  • fur and feet

    I wore a new sweater today, and it shed everywhere I went. I first wore it a couple of days ago, and I thought the little grey hairs on everything I owned were due to Taylor hanging out around my bag, which he does sometimes. But today I wore it all day and it was […]

  • dropping in

    dropping in

    I am at a hair salon, the one I go to on Sunset, and while I’m waiting to take these pieces of foil out of my head, I decided to open my computer. Here, at the salon, I have wireless. It is times like this when I don’t understand why people fear technology.

  • not funny ha-ha.

    not funny ha-ha.

    There’s this guy who hangs out at our local coffeeshop. He’s one of our regular crazies. I mean this as affectionately as possible, as he’s an endearing form of crazy. He’s small and heavily tattooed in tiny little self-made, prison-looking blue symbols. There’s writing on his knuckles, a tiny tattoo in the corner of his […]

  • Three Stories

    LA Story I felt my first real earthquake today. I mean one where I knew an earthquake was about to hit and then it did. I sat through lots of earthquakes when I lived in Palm Springs as a kid, but I don’t really remember them. We lived above the laundry facility at a hotel, […]