lattes of the rich and the famous…

The constant social disconnect that is Hollywood can be fun, but it can also get frustrating. I’m at a Starbucks staring at a man who is either:

A) Someone I met recently and had like, a single conversation with, which means I met him at a party, or I had a meeting with him, or he worked on the pilot somehow for a day…

or, more likely,

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I am so tired.

I should be working on the book. It’s open. I read a few pages here and there, and decide it’s the worst thing I’ve ever written, as it’s about that time during the first draft that one decides these things. It’s hard to focus. We finished shooting the pilot today, spending many hours in the hot sun. It’s embarrassing to say how exhausted the sun can make you. There were people on the set in charge of lugging heavy boxes and equipment. They were covered in sweat, burning under the sun. And I’m shielding my eyes, trying to rewrite a line for the ending, complaining about how my feet hurt. Not the same thing at all. Continue reading


This month is going to be insane, and so a little sporadic around here. I’m out of town a lot, for weddings and holiday and all of that stuff that comes around this time of the year, but I promise to update whenever I can.

I got sick, which I always do before I take a trip, so for the last two days I was immobile, whining and moaning, complaining about everything, trying to survive for two days without caffeine. I had my first cup of coffee this morning since Saturday, and I just about spun a hole into the ground with my sudden burst of energy. I was so wired that I had to run an errand while I was in the middle of a chore, because I just couldn’t take standing still any longer. I still have more errands to run, including laundry, packing, cooking, etc., so perhaps another cup will be necessary. No wonder I drink so much of this stuff! It’s great! I feel so good, even though I still feel mostly shitty! Coffee rules!

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Quit While You're Ahead

no more whining

So what happens when you complain too much about having to use a dial-up? You lose phone service. For two days. The phones were knocked out all down the street and we got to listen to drilling and digging outside our door all weekend.

We finally got phone service again long enough to install the DSL. Then the phone was knocked out again. Then I realized that I couldn’t install the DSL with my CD-ROM broken. We didn’t have the crossover cable needed to hook my machine up to eric’s. I had to email myself the installation program and then download the email. On a dial-up connection. Three hours later I now have DSL on my machine. Right now there are three people vying for the DSL at any time during the day. Right now we are all being very civil about it, but I smell an upcoming showdown.

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flashback: one month ago
Eric and Pamie go to see a movie. Afterwards they stop to buy some clothing. When Eric goes to pay he realizes that he doesn’t have his check card anymore. He left it in the ATM when he pulled cash before the film. Even though The Eyes of Tammy Faye was a short movie, there was no way his card would still be sticking out of the ATM. Eric calls and cancels his card. Luckily, the card was sucked back inside the ATM and no one had made any large withdrawals or transactions on his card while he was learning about The 700 Club.

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i'll tell you what a girl wants.

a nap.

First of all, I totally screwed up, and forgot to include this as a squishy splash page nominee. My apologies. You can vote for this one even if you’ve voted before.

So, the show opens this evening. Last night, around midnight, I had finished performing it in front of real live people for the first time. Guess what? They liked it.

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Not you. Me.

So, I guess I just wasn’t looking in the right place. Here’s the link to the Austin Chronicle’s Top Ten Austin Websites, in case you want to read what they said about me.

I’m feeling much better today. I remembered this nasal spray stuff that my doctor had given me last year for my allergies, and it seems to have done the job. That and it’s raining today, which makes some of the pollen clear the air. Woo-hoo!

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