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  • lost.


    We moved into our new offices for Season Two on Monday morning. It’s been five days now, and I still keep getting lost. So much so that Correne made the kind gesture to make this sign just for me, so I can find my essentials. Monday and Tuesday I gave myself excuses. I figured I […]

  • keep your armies in your sleevies.

    Whenever I open a new bag of cat food and pour it into the cat food container, Taylor acts like he just won a jackpot, pulling himself up to the stream of kibble, trying to catch one in his mouth mid-stream. I can’t imagine how much more delightful and tasty one-second old kibble is compared […]

  • The Ninth Annual Valentine’s Day Poems

    You know what happens when you have to write something for the ninth time, which means it’s not quite the tenth, so it isn’t as exciting and spectacular, and it all kind of snuck up on you because you were taking some much-needed time away from the internet, because sometimes you’ve got a lot of […]

  • writer’s ear + office ass = runner’s tears

    Well, it’s official. Lately when I order my coffee from whichever boy is behind the counter that day, he calls me by my name and makes a joke about either my current order, or one I’ve had before. I’ve never had a coffee shop where people know me by name. This means I have logged […]

  • not funny ha-ha.

    not funny ha-ha.

    There’s this guy who hangs out at our local coffeeshop. He’s one of our regular crazies. I mean this as affectionately as possible, as he’s an endearing form of crazy. He’s small and heavily tattooed in tiny little self-made, prison-looking blue symbols. There’s writing on his knuckles, a tiny tattoo in the corner of his […]

  • wow.

    Did I really just spend six and a half hours at a Starbucks? My editor is going to be so proud of me. I don’t have an entry. I just wanted to let you know that things are going to be a little weird around here for the next day or two as AB finishes […]

  • Jessica.

    Let’s see. Bit of a wine headache, little bit groggy, and feeling like I spoke all the words ever invented — must have hung out with Jessica last night. She arrives at my house and it’s like Texas has come for a visit. Always in a patterned skirt/blouse combination absolutely nobody else could pull off. […]

  • Half a Tank of Gas

    Yesterday. 7:00am — So. Tired. 9:00am — 10 miles Drive to Hollywood to meet and welcome the new kid. He does not disappoint. I draw a not-to-scale and only slightly inaccurate map of all the Los Angeles he’ll need. [Hey, Eric. Last night I drove through Culver City. It is nowhere near Sherman Oaks. I […]

  • distractions

    The house is so smart. See, over the past week I’ve finally had some time (read: due to the fact that I’m supposed to be finishing this manuscript, and it’s much easier to say, “I really need to hang that picture.”) to get the house pulled together a bit. The screen door, which fell off […]