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  • Confessions of a Mighty Summit Convert

    Confessions of a Mighty Summit Convert

    Full disclosure: I thought it was going to be stupid.

  • I Watched Too Much Lost (No Spoilers)

    I just think that many hours in a row of one thing is kind of bad for the brain. Like, Clockwork Orange bad. My dreams last night were ridiculous. So ridiculous, in fact, that I woke up during one of them and had to write it down. For you. Please don’t miss the ending, as […]

  • Activating Chao Camp: Absence of Dignity

    July 4th Weekend, 2009: a bunch of fools descend upon Anna Beth Chao’s home in Monroe, Louisiana for four days of beer, music, Sonic, and whatnot. Anna Beth, Allison and Pamie talk about a number of issues, including the state of their hair (or lack thereof), their superpowers (or lack thereof), and dignity (or lack […]

  • Forces of Nature

    First: A Short Play to Demonstrate the Amount of Control Anna Beth Chao Has Over My Life [Two women sit 1736 miles away from each other. An unemployed blonde with absolutely nothing to do for months stares at her living room bookcase, picks up her cell phone and sends a text.] PAMIE: What if I […]

  • My Only New Year’s Drunk Dial Was From My Soberest Friend.

    Normally, Dave Cole does not drink. In fact, until the last few hours of 2008, I believe he’d never touched a drop. The Power of Anna Beth worked again (see: everything anybody has ever done that wasn’t their idea and might not have been the best idea but made everyone else happy), so at her […]

  • “Wooooooo–

    ooooooo— glug, glug, glug— ooooooooo! WOOOOOO! WOOOOO! Did you see what I just drank and how fast I just did it? All y’all better be impressed!” AB Chao: consider this your excuse.

  • calling all winos.

    I got to spend some time this past Sunday afternoon in this wine cave with some good people (including these people.) When Chris and Tess are around, I just let them choose whatever it is I’m drinking. It always works. I didn’t buy anything, so I avoided anything like the last time I went wine […]

  • The Strike Is Over.

    Man, I can’t believe I finally got to write that sentence. Now the weird hurry-up-and-wait daily grind of pickets and meetings can be replaced with the more familiar hurry-up-and-wait daily grind of story pitches and… meetings. But now with more Internet flavor! It’s a big, exciting week. I’m gearing up to go back to work, […]

  • get out the pencils, put away the thread

    get out the pencils, put away the thread

    I’ve completely forgotten how to write and I don’t have any ideas about anything. I do, however, have a collection of crafts and a pile of new gadgets. I got teased by most of my friends, but I couldn’t help it. Pencils down, hobbies up. During the strike, I was often reminded of an Onion […]

  • What Do the Numbers Mean?!

    Normally when I’m pondering that question, it’s because I just saw another fantastic episode of Lost. But tonight after Lost, I’ll be asking that question again, because it’s the premiere of Eli Stone! See, if they get good numbers, then their show can get picked up for another season, which means good news for the […]