Author: Pamie

  • Something For Everyone (Because this IS home.)

    Over the past month I’ve had two encounters where I’ve been talking with friends I haven’t seen in a while — both of whom I know outside the industry but work inside it — when they said to me, “I thought you went home.” “No, no, I’ve always been here,” I said. “You didn’t go […]

  • Is It Friday Yet?

    I’ve started a new screenwriting job that has me working at an office. It’s been a long time since I’ve been a part of corporate culture. I worried it had been too long since I worked business hours with normal people, having co-workers who didn’t have tails or wear diapers. I worried not for me, […]

  • What Day Is It?

    I just saw I haven’t updated here since late March and now it’s May. Other than the year I took off, I haven’t ever missed a month in the history of [That one unlinked month will drive all my OCD readers crazy. I’m extra sorry about that!] So first: apologies. It has been a […]

  • What Passes For Intelligent Conversation Around Here Lately

    [scripty] MOM I was playing with the baby and I can’t remember the toes song. PAMIE “This Little Piggy”? MOM Yeah. PAMIE Well, it’s not a song. MOM Fine, sure. But I said, “This little piggy went to market. But this little piggy didn’t go anywhere.” PAMIE Yeah, that’s not quite right. But he did […]

  • Mom Changed Her E-Mail Address

    “Mom, you sent me a blank e-mail.” “No, I didn’t. I sent the people an e-mail, and I said it was from my new e-mail address.” “Yes, but you put all that in the subject line. Then you open up the e-mail and it’s blank.” “Well, if they want to know anything else that’s going […]

  • We Need a Word

    For when you’re nursing your child and your mom stands super close to watch it while she chats, and then she gets so caught up in the moment that she leans in and kisses the baby’s head, just centimeters away from your bare breast. Because that is what happened to me yesterday. Oh, does that […]

  • What That New Mom Sitting Across From You At Lunch Was Probably Thinking

    Oh, this is nice. I’m outside. I’M OUTSIDE. I’M OUTSIDE! WOO! Yes, I’m outside, with my friend, like a real lady and I am going to have some lunch. A lunch date! Oh, I’m on a lunch date with my friend like I’m a real, live, normal person. This is fantastic. She’s been talking. My […]

  • Reasons You Would Have Found Me Crying Lately

    1. I’m watching the Beyonce documentary. 2. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m on my third shirt because I’ll never not be covered in someone else’s body fluids ever again. 3. Decaf is bullshit. 4. It’s pretty outside and I am inside. 5. There’s this documentary about happiness but at one point there’s a […]

  • Hey, Pamie: “How Do I Not Give the Fuck Up When Other People Get What I Want?”

    Hey, Pamie: “How Do I Not Give the Fuck Up When Other People Get What I Want?”

    It’s that time of year when networks are ordering pilots. This means tv writers are sitting around anxiously waiting to find out which scripts they’ll be viciously hate-reading.

  • Why Moms Are Here

    People like to say, “I bet your mom is so excited to be a grandmother. What did she do when she found out you were having a baby?” “Oh. She immediately put her house on the market.” And they laugh. They laugh and laugh. “That would be so funny,” they chuckle. I don’t say anything. […]