Goodbye, sweet kitty.

From the best I can tell, the only reason a girl turns thirty-five is so the cat she’s had since college can pass away. It’s happened to too many friends of mine this year, and now I guess it’s my turn. Read more

one. oh.

Ten years ago right now I wondered what would happen if I started writing a web diary.

Ten years. I haven’t had any address in my entire life as long as I’ve had Very few things last an entire decade. I thought I should do something special to commemorate it, as it’s not often one reaches a ten-year anniversary of anything, but in many ways it felt too self-important. I’m the only one who has actually been here every day of those ten, who wrote the words and uploaded the pages and checked the stats and blah, blah, blah. It felt like I’d be patting myself on the back for typing and uploading.

Friends and lovers have come and gone and there’s been life and death and travel and huge changes and there’s no real way to talk about the past ten years. I didn’t want to trivialize the important people and events of my past ten years. There’s no way to hold it all up, the big moments and little. It would take another website the size of

There’s been you. All of you. And because of that I got lucky enough to have a career in writing… which, if you click the link to read that very first entry, is clearly nothing short of a miracle. Read more

“This One Time? At Journal Camp?”

If everything went well, right now Anna Beth just walked into Master V’s arms a thousand miles away from me. I certainly hope so. Asking a mom to spend five days away from her family is asking quite a bit. I had a blast having my friend here for so long, but I knew she was really missing home.

There are so many things that have happened over the past week that it would be just about impossible for me to remember all of them. That and I know AB’s going to want her own update without her conjoined twin telling all of the stories first, so there are some I’ll just leave for her to tell.

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The House of Smut Revealed

corrupting the mormon dolls

Oh, man. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m going to spend even more money today than I’ve ever spent not writing bills. is bigger than the hosting plan I just bought. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I’m moving the site again, and in maybe a week or so the IP will transfer and we’ll have that couple of days where you might not be on the new IP. This will only make a difference in the forum for maybe a day or two.

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and my dad calls

Well, it was bound to happen.

Squishy has officially outgrown its britches, and I’m moving the site to a new webhosting company, with more space. Because of this, at some point next week the mail server might go down for a little while, or depending on InterNIC, it might be a couple of days before you see the change. You might not notice anything different. That’s my goal. But if there’s a bleep or a bug, just be patient. It’ll be all fixed soon.

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the winners

man, this took forever.

Oh, my God. There’s nothing better than the Bust A Groove soundtrack. I am shaking my ass all over the office. You can’t stop me. I don’t care if I only got four hours sleep. Heat has the best damn song. I swear to God. It rules. Rules. Here’s how much it rules. I’m gonna give it to you. There’s my gift for you. Have fun. Happy Birthday Month (If you got here too late, sorry).

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Birthday Week Contest Entries

You make the call

I’m using Jesse’s CSS here (I like it, don’t you?). You can thank him for keeping it the same as it ever was.

The family reunion went very well. Aside from it being the worst weekend ever for travel, everyone eventually got into town and we had a great weekend.

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it's almost time

announcing birthday week contests

stee wrote about our Kevin Spacey and Buffy sightings. He also scribbled some props for me on the collaborative entry that we did that won him a diarist award:


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Too Much Time Together

movies and elbows

I can’t believe how much I’ve missed being sick for a full week. I’m so behind at work. I’m so behind on the web. Are you guys all still there? Are you all still the same? Oh, man. It’s amazing, because even though I wasn’t here, things were still churning along.

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Memory Lane

alright, at heart, it’s a cop-out entry

If Lenny Kravitz keeps this up, mark my words, in a couple of years there’s going to be an insecticide commercial on television called “Fly Away.”

In the unexplained phenomena category:

Both of my ears are pierced. I used to wear two small silver hoops in them about two years ago. I lost the earrings, and I haven’t worn a pair of earrings since. Last month my right ear’s piercing got infected. I thought it was odd, but decided that weird stuff happens, and I took care of it. Now the other earring hole is infected. What up, yo? I thought they only got infected when you wore crappy earrings. I haven’t even done anything to them.

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