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  • i’m back

    but not so cheery I’m back.  Apparently, I was missed.  Thanks, guys.

  • lost

    music, panties, rushmore, and shel In honor of the “lost” Beatles song that has been uncovered and is scheduled to be released this summer for some sort of Yellow Submarine hype, I’ve decided to uncover lost Squishy entries– entries that never saw it to the website for one reason or another.  Sometimes I never finished […]

  • “dear diary”

    how three little dots changed my life I was testing out Microsoft’s html editor.  So far it’s a bit nicer than the Netscape one I was using.  But once I tried to look at it online it looked like crap.  I’m pissed off about it.  I’m getting a bit tired of the way my entries […]

  • pamieamory

    why i have to stick to just one man I was interviewed for the local paper yesterday afternoon about Squishy.  So, this Saturday there should be an article about… me and why I write this journal.  And of course now that hours have gone by since the interview I’m thinking to myself, “Did I say […]

  • insanity at pamie.com

    i’m looking for a comfy shirt Curious about yoga? Try some out right now. Go ahead, I won’t watch. So today a very strange muscle is sore on my body. It’s the muscle just under my butt, and the top of my thigh. On both sides. It feels like my thighs are shrinking when I […]