1. kristinmh

    Breastfeeding feedback from your mom is the BEST. When my kid went thru a biting phase (~6 months) my mom’s advice was something like “I don’t know why you’re still breastfeeding in the first place!” Uh, thanks?

  2. Brianne

    Aren’t moms the best sometimes? I’ve always thought my mom was Lorelei and I was Rory. A couple weeks ago, my husband eavesdropped on my Gilmore Girls watching and pointed out that my mother is Emily and I was Lorelei. (It was right after she implied I was a huge disappointment to her because we’re struggling with infertility.) It blew my mind and you might be the only person in the world who gets the reference.

    Love you and congrats with Qwerty.


    i always thought the Little Piggy story/rhyme was weird and suspect. yet another thing your mom & i have in common.

    i just never get lost or lose my stuff.

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