1. Love all of this, especially the advice to keep working on your own stuff all the time.

    I always get excited when I see Kat Candler’s name and movies pop up because I think we briefly worked together at a movie theatre in Florida when I was in high school and I always thought she was so cool then and seems like she’s still got it!

  2. Kat Candler

    Jessica, what? Oak Lake 6 in Tallahassee? Royal Palm in Jacksonville Beach? Man, oh man, small world.

    Annie, like I tell my kids at UT, talent (absolutely), but more importantly working your ass off, being professional and being a good human being can take you far.

  3. I think the other thing aspiring directors need in their back pockets are actor friends. Friends who will work for free and be in your movies and do staged readings, etc. It is incredibly helpful to hear your written words come out of real people’s mouths. Your writing will definitely improve.

    Good luck, Annie!

  4. Jessica

    Oak Lake 6! That was my first job and I loved working with all the cool film school students there, and then eventually ended up at FSU for film school myself later on. I always loved how you made the really boring corporate outfits more interesting with your striped tights! Always nice to hear about you and your successes in the several years since then!

  5. I’m not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the ceoslst location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You’re right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.

  6. This was a great article to read. So many times we are discouraged especially when seeking great passionate representation that matches our ambition and vision. Never want to just be a name on a roster. Thanks so much for taking the time!

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