samantha who? and pamie where?

My website’s been broken for about a month, and I’ve been unable to update. Also, I’ve been busting my butt over here.

Hope you watch and enjoy. Because I’d love to have this job stick around for a long time.

Oh, another thing that happened while the site was down that made me think of you guys. I walked into the building after taping the last segment of my episode, and the showrunner said to me, “So, your episode is looking great. Nothing to worry about. One little thing, though. In the credits, they listed you as Paula Ribon. Is that going to be a problem?”

Y’all know I didn’t even flinch when I said, “Yeah, I figured. Also, that’s my mother’s name.”

And I also suppose it won’t be too big of a shock when I tell you that my sister was disappointed that I didn’t ask them to keep my mother’s name in the credits.

Anyway, hope you like the show. My mom almost worked hard on it.

office space

I keep planning on sitting down to write my Festival of Books story. I haven’t forgotten.

Instead: Two Office-related thoughts in my head lately.

The first was after hearing that Jenna Fischer broke her back at the upfronts by slipping on marble stairs while wearing heels. “That’s exactly what will happen to me if I ever get to go to the upfronts,” I thought. Because, come on. You know that’s what will happen, right after they introduce me as Pamlea “Camel” Riboy.

But more disturbingly, when I found out that The Rules For Starting Over had been picked up, my first thought wasn’t the one I should have had. See, the producers on that show are the ones who developed Why Moms Are Weird with me this season. And just last week I went in to meet all the other people on Rules, because they’d read my stuff. And so the first thought I’m supposed to have upon hearing that a show I met on got picked up is, “Yay! Maybe I’ll get a job!” But instead I thought, “Yay! Rashida Jones will have to leave The Office! Jim and Pam can finally be together!”

Which is why yesterday I bought five books. Because I think it’s time to step away from the television for a little while. (Just as soon as Lost and The Sopranos are over. I mean, come on!) Continue reading

outside is weird.

I was sitting in the lobby of a studio, waiting for a meeting. I had before never met the person I was meeting, so whenever someone walked out of the doors I’d look up. My arms were crossed over my chest and my legs were crossed, jumpy from the coffee. A woman approached me and smiled, so I smiled back.

“You look comfortable,” she said.


“No!” And then, still walking, just as she passed me she goes, “Dork.

Seriously. How am I still in high school? Continue reading

take that, pamlea.

Noah Robischon of Entertainment Weekly has come up with the best new not-my-name.

Check it out. (Be sure to watch the video for the full effect.)

It’s the coolest ad for Dewey, so I couldn’t be more pleased.

they walk alike, they talk alike, sometimes they even… (nevermind.)

When my friend Rebecca and I are out in public, we are sometimes mistaken for sisters. In fact, when Dan, his brother Adam, Rebecca and I are sitting at a restaurant together, we look like an East Side version of the Bobbsey Twins: the boys in their ringer t-shirts, Rebecca and I in blue hoodies with our hair pulled into ponytails.

But the story Dan told me today, this one’s the best. Here it is as I heard it, during mile three of this morning’s ten-mile run with Dan (Yes, I ran anyway, even though the nice nurse suggested (ordered) that I don’t. I didn’t want to call Dan in the middle of the night or early in the morning and puss out on him, particularly because we’d logged all the miles during the week leading up to our long run. I got up early and had a good breakfast, drank lots of water, ate an orange, and did some stretching. What do you know, all that preparation worked! We did all ten miles, and didn’t die, and we’re awesome and this week, unlike last, I didn’t come down with the chills for an hour afterward. Yay, us.)

Anyway. Back to the story.

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fur and feet

I wore a new sweater today, and it shed everywhere I went. I first wore it a couple of days ago, and I thought the little grey hairs on everything I owned were due to Taylor hanging out around my bag, which he does sometimes. But today I wore it all day and it was clear — the sweater was leaving pieces of me everywhere. Continue reading

flowers from alchaonon

Subject: So…
From: pamie
To: Allison and ChrisAB and Vince, and stee.


stee just called.

stee: So, I came home to find amazon boxes. For me. Probably from C3 [Patron Saint of TWoP].
pamie: Thanks for bragging.
stee: And there are flowers.
pamie: For me?
stee: The card says, “Dan and Jane, thank you for a lovely time and for hosting the event. Phil.”
pamie: …
stee: …
pamie: We got someone else’s flowers?
stee: So I called the florist, and after about twenty minutes of me going, “Are they from Gersh?” He finally said, “No, there are like, kids names. And it says I love you.”
pamie: I don’t understand.
stee: I think they’re from Allison and AB and Chris and Vince and…Teri?
pamie: Madeleine?
stee: Sure.
pamie: Are they pretty?
stee: Yes. But they’re probably the wrong flowers, too. But they sent them. And I think they’re from those guys.
pamie: I will thank them.
stee: Yeah, that’s nice of them, to send you flowers.
pamie: They’re nice people.
stee: Yeah.
pamie: Why did you tell me you got boxes from C3 first? Jealous of my flowers?
stee: …
[/readermail] Continue reading

an actual holiday weekend

This is the closest I’ve come to work in five days. The last time I took a break from work for more than part of a day… I think was my honeymoon. My honeymoon was also the last time I read a whole book in a day. Which since yesterday? I did. I missed the ocean, though. I showed Mom and Bosie pictures from the honeymoon and started getting nostalgic. Then yesterday morning when I opened up the bottle of sunscreen (because it was very sunny and windy out and I was going to be running for more than an hour), the smell of Maui hit me with the warm breeze and the SPF and a little, sad tear fell from my eye. I got an email from Faye — who got married pretty close to when we did and we all ended up coincidentally at the same hotel in Maui — asking if we were all accidentally meeting up again this year, because it sounds like such a lovely-rich-people-thing to do, accidentally vacation together every year. And perhaps we’ll call it “on holiday.” Continue reading