outside is weird.

I was sitting in the lobby of a studio, waiting for a meeting. I had before never met the person I was meeting, so whenever someone walked out of the doors I’d look up. My arms were crossed over my chest and my legs were crossed, jumpy from the coffee. A woman approached me and smiled, so I smiled back.

“You look comfortable,” she said.


“No!” And then, still walking, just as she passed me she goes, “Dork.

Seriously. How am I still in high school?


I finished the meeting and turned in my badge at the front desk. The woman who took my badge says, “I have to tell you, he’s growing up just like you. He looks just like you.”

“I’m sorry. I think you’re confusing me with someone else.”

“Well, it’s been a while since you’ve been here.”

“No, I’ve never been here. I don’t have a kid.”

“Oh, oh, oh. Yes. You know who you look like? Someone’s wife.”


I’m at the gas station when the man behind the counter won’t sell me anything until he checks my ID. “I know who you are,” he says.

“You do?”

He checks my ID and then stares at me, eyes furious, looking at me like I’ve stolen something. “You’re the girl who gets me in trouble,” he says.


He pulls out a piece of paper, something from the police, that shows him selling a pack of cigarettes to someone with a fake ID. “She looked just like you, that girl with the bad ID. Then she ran out of here! Snapped my picture and ran. I thought it was you, that girl. I was ready to give you the what for. Oh, she makes me so angry, and she looks just like you!”


I’m staying in tonight.

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