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  • dear texas.  please send breakfast tacos from taco cabana.

    dear texas. please send breakfast tacos from taco cabana.

    Lately she’s written about gumbo, queso and crawfish, making me the Homesick Texan. Spending time with Dave and Tara this week, our conversation turned once again to our plans to Eat Through Austin — a tour we consumed back in 2004 when Omar got married. That’s the last time I’ve been to Austin, and I […]

  • “That’s Not Football.”

    Oh, my God. Borat’s at my high school. I had forgotten just how flat Katy, Texas is until I saw this clip.

  • Suck It, Kamenetzky — The Rebuttal

    [I offered Andy a chance to respond to last night’s post when he called last night to ask, “All you got was ‘Suck it, Kamentzky?’ Twice?” Here it is.]

  • watching rita

    “Due to the hurricane in the area you are calling, your call cannot be completed as dialed.” This is the message I hear when I try to reach my friends in Houston or Austin or any part of Southern Texas. This is all I can do now, post a stupid entry to say, “I love […]

  • “and some days they last longer than others.”

    Friday morning. No sleep. Have to get to the airport. My bones ache and I’m sure I haven’t packed everything I need. I don’t have the strength to think. I make it to the shuttle. I turn on the iPod, loud. Shuffle plays cruel tricks.

  • Jessica.

    Let’s see. Bit of a wine headache, little bit groggy, and feeling like I spoke all the words ever invented — must have hung out with Jessica last night. She arrives at my house and it’s like Texas has come for a visit. Always in a patterned skirt/blouse combination absolutely nobody else could pull off. […]

  • Dear Houston,

    Tough year, huh? If you’re not getting slammed from the excellent Enron movie, there’s a documentary about how fat you are, or how you recruit kids for the war while they’re trying to order lunch. Your representative is a crazy person. Then you’ve got Oprah interviewing the lady who ran over her husband a few […]

  • Mandela Loves Cheese

    Mandela Loves Cheese

    I’m back. Thanks for waiting. I think I officially love New York, but I don’t see how anybody lives there all of the time. It was exhausting. Constantly moving, always spending money, sweating while cold and raining… I’ve never really been cold while sweating and wet from rain before. It was a lot of fun […]

  • It's Not So Big

    life in mini-texas You know how sometimes you just have the strangest day that you wouldn’t believe if you saw it on a movie? Yesterday Tyson showed up and told us that he had just run into a guy he knew from New York. He was on Sunset. He offered Tyson a job. It’s the […]

  • “look at choo!”

    the proper response is not “bless you.” Polaroid Stories gets a review And, a plug for Eric’s show: SLOW NIGHT AT MCLAUGHLIN’S Marshall Ryan Maresca wrote and directed this play, which depicts a languid evening at the Irish bar owned by the McLaughlins in Norville, New York, whose quiet is disrupted by an unexpected visitor. […]