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  • More Letters

    mostly because i feel so scattered Dear Handspring: I have spent way too much time playing with you. I know that you are my newest toy, but my poor webcam didn’t even get a chance to snap a neat Cal photo before I left it standing in its own lens cap. I am experiencing a […]

  • We Miss Stee

    We Miss Stee

    I’m a poor substitute New Ally McBeal and Get Real Extra at Mighty Big TV. Since that’s what I spend eight to ten hours of my life doing, you might want to check that out. Sorry for the delay on the entry, but our network went down at work, so I had to wait until […]

  • thirty questions

    My site was down all day.  I’m sorry.  Now this all seems outdated. Dear Best Buy, Tower, et. al: When you say that a CD is released at midnight on a certain date, please make sure that you know how to tell time.  When you tell me that a CD is released at midnight on […]