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  • Hey, Pamie: “Is it okay that I’m a blogger?”

    I haven’t been procrastinating on the weekly procrastination series. I’ve been busy. You see, a holiday tradition in Hollywood is that producers and studios and networks and publishers finish their to-do lists so that they can go off on their vacations and trips to the parents and Hawaiian safaris and nightly festivities. This means all…

  • Confessions of a Mighty Summit Convert

    Confessions of a Mighty Summit Convert

    Full disclosure: I thought it was going to be stupid.

  • Pamie Dot Com Joins the FuturePresent

    Hello! It’s the fancy, shiny, new face for pamie.com! Special thanks to Glark for his patience. Example of patience:

  • one. oh.

    Ten years ago right now I wondered what would happen if I started writing a web diary. Ten years. I haven’t had any address in my entire life as long as I’ve had pamie.com. Very few things last an entire decade. I thought I should do something special to commemorate it, as it’s not often…

  • suck it, movable type.

    To those of you who have written to say that your obsessive desire to read every single one of my archived entries has been thwarted by server problems, I say: “I fixed the archives.” And: “Please share some of your spare time with real, live humans.”

  • looking at my title for basename…

    okay MT geniuses: i changed my basename to accept 100 characters, but this doesn’t seem to make a difference in the archives or in linking entries (even when i publish each page by hand). How do I tell the index and the archive page to understand that these entries are no longer called “inbox_part_t” but…

  • man.

    So, some of the archives aren’t working, and the pretty Amazon links went away when we upgraded to the latest Moveable Type. We had to, because my website stopped working entirely for about a month. I’m sorry for the mess while we try to figure things out. But you know, the people who keep this…

  • where ya at?

    it has become that strange world where my friends have fallen into the television.

  • CU C-Me

    CU@USC has been the University of Southern California’s premier college talk show for the past 10 years. Our show is filmed live every weeknight from 6:30 to 7pm and airs on the USC cable network, Trojan Vision, a completely student run television station. In addition, we are broadcast nightly on Los Angeles city cable station…