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  • The Eighth Annual Valentine’s Day Poems

    Don’t be afraid to love them. Dear Hipster Valentine o’ Mine. Your t-shirts aren’t funny. And I hate your blog. I’m dumping your emo ass, But I’m keeping the dog.

  • kicking it.

    Pam: Hey, how hard is your kickboxing class, man? Patrick: … You’re going to be blogging about it tomorrow. Consequently I’m in bed. I’m about to get up, but I want to make sure my entire body is awake before I stand. I haven’t actively engaged any muscles other than my arm to lift this […]

  • Pete Shelley (and Various Artists): Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack

    Song: “Do Anything” There are a lot of soundtracks in my music collection. There hasn’t been one replaced as often as this. When I was missing it about a year ago, at least five of you out there offered to burn a copy of your own for me. There’s a bond people have over this […]

  • The Cure: Disintegration

    Song: “Love Song” The sound of The Cure reminds me of my first year I moved to Houston. I went to two different schools in that time, and it was a huge switch from living in Jackson, Mississsippi. The music changed completely. Back in Jackson, I was pretty much on my own in terms of […]

  • Weezer: Pinkerton

    Song: “Across the Sea” I know, I know. Any excuse to talk about Weezer. But I swear, this is the song on my iPod! I promise! I was just singing it.

  • plays well with others.

    Whenever I had to change schools as a kid, I’d always get really sick on the first day of school. It was always stomach related, and made me feel like I was going to throw up from sadness. In fact, I’d be so sad I could actually start heaving. It meant I almost always missed […]

  • A Glamorous Hollywood Lifestyle

    1. You will not be home before eleven. 2. This is because you are at work. 3. When you wake up, it is because you have work to do before you get to work, because there’s so much work you can’t do while you’re at work. 4. Suffer the constant teasing that you’re leaving one […]

  • Drop It Like It’s — ow.

    If there was any wonder how much fun I had at my own wedding, the proof was in today’s doctor bill. I danced so much in those shoes that I have this. The day after the wedding the arch of my foot had shooting pains whenever I went on my tiptoes. I knew I had […]