Pete Shelley (and Various Artists): Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack

Song: “Do Anything

There are a lot of soundtracks in my music collection. There hasn’t been one replaced as often as this. When I was missing it about a year ago, at least five of you out there offered to burn a copy of your own for me. There’s a bond people have over this movie, and therefore these songs.

What I know, I can’t say
No one’s asking questions, anyway

This soundtrack has The Jesus and Mary Chain, Flesh for Lulu, and… yes, a Rolling Stones cover I enjoy. It also contains one of the best covers of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Look how solemn they all are on the poster for the movie. That’s the face you wore for the years you had this movie on a constant loop.

“The only things I care about in this goddamned world are me, my drums and you!”

“Break his heart, I break your face.”

“Oh, Keith. You’re only eighteen!”
“Then I’m nineteen. Then I’m twenty. Dad, when does my life belong to ME?!”

Oh, it’s the best.

When you’re the girl who’s always the best friend watching the boy throw himself at the girl he’s not really supposed to be with, when you’re crying in his bed while he’s thinking about whether or not that other girl is going to call him, when your earlobes are always yearning for a pair of diamond earrings representing someone’s future, this is the movie that helps you get through many high school nights. Hearing the soundtrack now helps to make all of those painful memories melt into bittersweet nostalgia.

Aw, see? Now I want to go watch the movie again.

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