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  • The Hardest Goodbye

    The Hardest Goodbye

    I’ve been putting off writing this because I wanted some time to privately grieve, but also I knew if I got even a single kind word or condolence from you, I wouldn’t be able to handle all that has been going on. But now it’s time to write this down, as so many of you […]

  • Our Friend Cal

    Man, there are sentences you never imagine you’ll find yourself saying, and one of them is, “Yes, I need the number of the cardiologist you recommended for my cat?”

  • Saying Your Names

    People have written to ask where the Valentine poems were this year. I didn’t do them, for three reasons. One being after ten years of writing them, I thought maybe leaving it at ten and out was a nice round number. Secondly, I’d just completed the manuscript and two straight years of work/strike/work, and was […]

  • Activating Melanie

    The Case for Settling: Melanie really, really loves romantic comedies. No, like, really. But it’s causing some inner turmoil now that she’s noticed some romantic comedies say she’s not the kind of girl you’re supposed to choose in the end. Click the cute little “HQ” in the lower right hand corner of the clip to […]

  • Activating Robin

    Robin, she of the Abraham Lincoln sweatshirt, explains why she has some serious boundary issues. Pamie tries to get her to hug it out. (Apologies for crappy webcam quality. Let’s pretend it’s 1999!) (It sort of looks better if you click the video, let it take you to You Tube, and then click “High Quality.” […]

  • Keeping Up Tradition

    Keeping Up Tradition

    Same place, same day, new year, new terminal. Thankful for the things that stay the same, grateful for the things that are new. Hmm. I did have a picture taken from last year’s Jet Blue post-Xmas flight, but now I remember I never got to post it, as a woman sitting at the table next […]

  • my archived heart.

    Looking through a high school yearbook from 1991. Turns out I was quoted on the “Valentine’s Day” page. Of course, if you happened to be in the unfortunate position of being, well, unattached, then Valentine’s Day can be a little depressing. Pam Ribon describes the occasion this way: “Valentine’s Day is a cess-pool of a […]

  • wanted.

    I was running this afternoon when a lamp post caught my eye. There was a message taped, a love letter. It said it was the eleventh of fifteen, a public message for a special person. There, typed, was a poem, about how the writer’s love was real. His or her need was real. That both […]

  • The Tenth Annual Valentine’s Day Poems

    The Tenth Annual Valentine’s Day Poems

    The Secret of Our Success 1. He never makes me see him pee. 2. I never let him see me do yoga in shorts. That’s it! [db] OCD VD Do you still love me? Do you still love me? Do you still love me? Do you still love me when I’m sitting on this couch […]