brand new year’s eve

Next stop on Pam Tour 2005: Monroe, Louisiana.

Gonna go visit this family and this one.

Many weeks ago we hatched the plan: surprise the Meat of Cheese (AKA Bitter Chris… or, post nuptials, just Chris) with a visit from pamie and stee. Welcome in our new year with old friends and auld lang blahblahblah. AB added: “If y’all don’t mind celebrating your anniversary with us, Funroe, and crawfish.”

Had me at “crawfish,” pretty lady. Continue reading

Meet New York Pam.

Leaving Los Angeles, I got a few tips on surviving New York during the holidays. I was told:

1. I’d need heavy clothes. An enormous coat I didn’t own. Lots and lots of layers and sweaters and basically I’d need to go buy a new wardrobe and a huge suitcase to put it all in.
2. I shouldn’t wear earrings because it would be so cold that the bars in my earlobes would freeze and hurt.
3. I was going to need to wear long underwear, and I needed boots that could survive getting soaked and I’d need to buy those boots and gloves and sweaters and did anyone mention the huge coat?
4. There was going to be a subway strike, and I’d be stranded and alone. Continue reading

something i will never forget

I spent almost twenty-four hours with my sister this weekend. We never do this. We’ve never done anything like this. My sister has lived up north for almost a year, a two hour train ride to Grand Central. She’s never been to New York before. This time I was making sure she got to see a little of the city. As I was shuttling from JFK to Manhattan, she was on the train. We were headed towards each other, meeting far from both of our homes. She had no idea where she was going, and neither did I, quite honestly. In fact it was Dan who had to tell Bosie how to get there, which train to take and when. I’m getting better, but there are still times when this place is a mystery to me. Continue reading

Rupert Holmes: Partners In Crime

Song: “Answering Machine

I know you might not always click the link to the lyrics that I provide, but with these Rupert songs, you’re going to want to go the extra click.

You know Rupert Holmes. He wrote “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” a song about two people wanting to cheat on their spouses, but end up answering each other’s personal ads and re-fall in love again at a bar, probably as they met originally, over some Pina Coladas. Continue reading

Paul Anka: Rock Swings

Song: “True

I’m the first to admit I don’t know anything about musical arrangements, so the genius of this album is apparently lost on me. I’ve watched my music-geek friends geek out on this one, which means it must be impressive. For me it sounds like going to Karaoke with some friends, and watching Matt Bearden pretend to be a lounge singer while Nirvana plays in the background. But again, I don’t know anything about music theory.

I do know, however, that every time I hear Paul Anka sing Spandau Ballet’s finest work, it sounds like he’s mocking them, just a bit.

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Toussaint McCall (and Various): Hairspray Soundtrack

Song: “Nothing Takes The Place Of You

I’m supposed to be writing something else right now, but this song started playing and completely pulled me away. Any song from the Hairspray soundtrack — and by that I mean the movie that inspired the Broadway musical that inspired a movie I plan on never seeing — always makes me stop for a second. The songs aren’t the kind I listen to normally, but they are immediate mood changers.

This is the case with every John Waters soundtrack I have. And yes, I have a few.

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Fiona Apple: When The Pawn…

Song: “I Know

Oh, Fiona. You tragic, tiny, crazy-ass, beautiful girl. I downloaded your new album months ago, willing to go into that whole “Free Fiona” mess because I had to hear your bondaged work. And when it was, ultimately, disappointing — all plinky and boopy, suspiciously sounding like Jon Brion fed it through the Jon Brion 2000 Generator — I tried to imagine what kind of music I’d make once I survived the one-two punch of PT Anderson and David Blaine. I sympathized. I made excuses. I sang along. “Not About Love” is a beautiful song.

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Foo Fighters: In Your Honor

Song: “Free Me

It is no secret that Dave Grohl has been my imaginary boyfriend for some time. He’s been number two behind Johnny Depp for close to a decade now. Someone asked me at work the other week to chose between the two. I answered, “My husband is the perfect combination of the two.” This caused groans at the writing table, and for me to hide under the table, but I was speaking the truth.

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