Tag: Little Pam

  • Bumming You Out

    My thoughts are with those dealing with Katrina. I used to live in Hinds County, Mississippi, and I know what it’s like to wait out a storm, wondering at what point you have to evacuate. [db] When I get to work in the morning, there’s usually the latest draft of that week’s script on the […]

  • Pete Shelley (and Various Artists): Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack

    Song: “Do Anything” There are a lot of soundtracks in my music collection. There hasn’t been one replaced as often as this. When I was missing it about a year ago, at least five of you out there offered to burn a copy of your own for me. There’s a bond people have over this […]

  • The Cure: Disintegration

    Song: “Love Song” The sound of The Cure reminds me of my first year I moved to Houston. I went to two different schools in that time, and it was a huge switch from living in Jackson, Mississsippi. The music changed completely. Back in Jackson, I was pretty much on my own in terms of […]

  • Crazy From the Heat

    I somehow got away with spending my entire yesterday in a bikini. I somehow got away with spending my entire past week like I was still in high school. Monday night I went to spend time with my oldest friend. I saw clips from the movie he wrote and directed. It’s the biggest thing he’s […]

  • plays well with others.

    Whenever I had to change schools as a kid, I’d always get really sick on the first day of school. It was always stomach related, and made me feel like I was going to throw up from sadness. In fact, I’d be so sad I could actually start heaving. It meant I almost always missed […]

  • Can You Handle My Truth?

    Okay, seriously. I’m still feeling bad about the other week, when I had too much wine and ended up forcing friends of mine to watch old videos of me in high school because I couldn’t believe how funny it was that my voice used to be deeper, and my friends were so funny, and I […]