Dear Lovely Person, Please come

Dear Lovely Person,

Please come and see LETTERS NEVER SENT: Pamela Ribon and Liz Feldman’s state-of-the art two-woman show that tackles the tough issues, like babies and butt sex.

THURSDAY, NOV. 11th 8:00PM
@ The Stages Theatre
1540 N. McCadden Place
(one block e. of Highland, one block N. of Sunset)
Valet Parking Next Door at Cafe Des Artistes

The show is FREE! Please lend your support as we try to weasel our way into the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival…

Thank you!

RSVP to:

what it is ain’t exactly clear…

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have started on that recap immediately after watching the debate. I’m so riled up I sound like Cameron Diaz on Oprah (“If you think rape should be legal? Then don’t vote!”)

But I know you feel the same way I do, as the comments threads around here have been filled with facts and debate. If you haven’t read any of them, please take a moment and see what other people are passionate about. Everybody has something at risk in this next election, and people are really getting anxious. Continue reading