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  • oh, no.

    oh, no.

    The dangers of my Topeka hotel: And new to the list, after the final round of allergy scratch tests: pollens, or Why California Is Killing Me: California Black Walnut Olive Tree Cottonwood Bermuda Grass Maple Cypress (like you wouldn’t believe. my arm was livid!) Ash Willow Brome grass Alkali rye grass Perennial rye grass Kentucky […]

  • the top model strike continues

    the top model strike continues

    At the strike last Friday, I was babbling to Eric about how I sometimes put the post of the sign at the top of my hip. “It’s my strike hip,” I explained. “Why doesn’t anyone else use their strike hip?” Eric pulled out his camera. “Okay. Give me your best Top Model pose,” he said. […]

  • Look at You!

    people are coming, for christ’s sake. First: a joke for the Pittsburgh people. Have you seen the new Pennsylvania quarters? Yeah, you can tell by the Giant Iggle on the back. Bah-dum-bum. Feel free to pass that one around, but give me credit. Anyway…