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  • What I Do Miss About the Holidays

    Just about everything. And this: I was only in Los Angeles for the night. I dropped my suitcase at home, drove to Hollywood and rocked it with my fake rock band until the wee hours. Dana closed out the night as only she can. Props to Josh, Sarah, Scott, Allison and Buster for the background.

  • What I Don’t Miss About the Holidays

    These people, who was I trapped between for a flight from Burbank to New York. See, she needed the aisle because she constantly had to pee. That’s what she told me when I sat down. He needed the window because he wanted to take pictures. That’s what I figured out when he couldn’t stop taking […]

  • So what had happened was–

    So what had happened was–

    It’s a couple days before Christmas, I’m at Grand Central Station, and there’s some time before the train to Connecticut. Not a lot of time, but some time. Enough to grab a drink. There’d been some drinking the night before, so I didn’t want another glass of wine. I just wanted something to sip while […]

  • Keeping Up Tradition

    Keeping Up Tradition

    Same place, same day, new year, new terminal. Thankful for the things that stay the same, grateful for the things that are new. Hmm. I did have a picture taken from last year’s Jet Blue post-Xmas flight, but now I remember I never got to post it, as a woman sitting at the table next […]

  • sushikulous.


    It’s been exactly one year since I last blogged from this free-wireless/sushi bar inside the airport, and once again I’m in love. But this time, I’ve got a MacBook. Why is it so hard to find free wireless in an airport? Why is JFK the only airport that truly loves you?

  • Come On, Jet Blue.

    Come On, Jet Blue.

    This is ridiculous. I’m now sitting in the JFK airport, with free wireless, having a glass of wine and sushi as I wait for my flight to start boarding. You must know: 1. I normally would never do this. 2. But this is my vacation, and I told myself I’d do things I normally wouldn’t do. […]

  • something i will never forget

    I spent almost twenty-four hours with my sister this weekend. We never do this. We’ve never done anything like this. My sister has lived up north for almost a year, a two hour train ride to Grand Central. She’s never been to New York before. This time I was making sure she got to see […]

  • flowers from alchaonon

    flowers from alchaonon

    [readermail] Subject: So… From: pamie To: Allison and Chris, AB and Vince, and stee. Message: stee just called. stee: So, I came home to find amazon boxes. For me. Probably from C3 [Patron Saint of TWoP]. pamie: Thanks for bragging. stee: And there are flowers. pamie: For me? stee: The card says, “Dan and Jane, thank you for a […]

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    In her latest entry, Sara gives a tour of tacky Hollywood homes, including my favorite — the year-round David house. This house is lined in white statues of David, and for Christmas they all get tiny Santa hats. Our neighborhood is decorated with lots and lots of lights, prompting stee to buy some lights at […]

  • the best gift

    The presents are arriving. I cannot tell from their exteriors if they are for the wedding or Christmas, so I’m just assuming everything is a wedding gift and we’re putting them aside to open after the wedding. It’s been eighty degrees around here lately, and the weather combined with all the upcoming festivities, it sort […]