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  • ANTM Episode 1103 / Network Notes

    ——————————————– TO: Ken Mok FROM: The CW Network RE: ANTM 1103 Dear Ken et al: Please find attached our notes for the current cut of Episode 1103. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing the next cut. Best, THE NETWORK ——————————————– GENERAL: Overall, really strong episode! Happy to see that the focus of […]

  • ANTM Episode 1102 / Network Notes

    These just in. ——————————————– TO: Ken Mok FROM: The CW Network RE: ANTM 1102 Dear Ken et al: Please find attached our notes for the cut of Episode 1102. Please call of email to set up a call at your earliest convenience. Best, THE NETWORK

  • ANTM Episode 1101 / Network Notes

    I went a long time — and for good reason — without watching “America’s Next Top Model.” After six seasons of being involved with the show as either a recapper or a producer, I was somewhat burned and somewhat burned out by the time Cycle Seven’s CarrieDee nabbed the crown and receded into instant nothingness. […]

  • if you’re looking for Susan Sarandon

    Since I had almost nothing to do with the creation of this, I don’t feel self-pimping pointing it out. As we near the climax of Elizabethtown and prep our next movie, it’s important to remind ourselves what The World’s Worst Movie Wife did to occupy herself the week of her husband’s death:

  • this flim is not yet rated

    “Um, yeah. So, I rented Pan’s Labyrinth, right? And I turned it on and I was like, Hey, you guys? Is this movie in not English? That seems unlikely, because I thought it was supposed to be, like, good and stuff. And a fantasy. How am I supposed to see all that fantasy if I […]

  • and then I’ll make her my Mrs. Itty

    Miss Itty is fourteen years old. We have all waited patiently for her to reach maturity and know the touch of a man. A man named me. The time has come to start counting down to a time when the world will be able to have her as its own, on that day of her […]

  • a very long excuse for why I’m not exercising

    Almost exactly one year ago, I came home for four days for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower. Yes, I’m a boy and yes, I wasn’t reeeeeeeally invited, by my mom was feeling stressed about it and I had a tiny break between seasons of ANTM, so I hopped on a plane and spent the weekend […]

  • Shea Stadium in April

    I usually go to at least one game in the spring, and it’s usually cold, but…dude. Tonight (the worst game ever, even if the Mets had won, which they DID NOT…seriously, look at how Philly scored those three runs in the third), the temperature went from late January to early March and the back again, […]

  • thanks, Jay

    Memories of high school compliments of my friend Jay. Is it possible we were really this cool?