this flim is not yet rated

“Um, yeah. So, I rented Pan’s Labyrinth, right? And I turned it on and I was like, Hey, you guys? Is this movie in not English? That seems unlikely, because I thought it was supposed to be, like, good and stuff. And a fantasy. How am I supposed to see all that fantasy if I spend the entire time reading my movie? This is totally false advertising. I mean, ‘labyrinth’ isn’t even a Spanish word. Can I speak to a manager?”

I really feel for the poor workers at the Blockbuster on Sunset and Fairfax. I can only imagine what kind of tense conversations with irate customers led them to have to put up this sign:


Then again, if they really wanted to placate people, they should have written it in a language we all can understand. I wonder what “flim” means in English.

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