Pun Masters! Help name a derby team.

Something fun for your Sunday night:


So, you’re the main reason I started playing derby. I’ve been following your blog for 10 years or whatever, and Going in Circles happened to coincide with a Derby league forming in my area. Fast forward almost two years later, and I was just named captain of a newly-forming fourth home team.

Since you’re my derby inspiration and you gave your stamp of approval via Twitter to my derby name (Shevil Dead), I was hoping you would have some team name ideas.

Our three current home teams are;

The Vineyard Vixens
The Beltway Betties
The Backwoods Rollers

My colors will be black and gunmetal grey, and I want us to be dark and scary, to set us apart from the other teams.

Some ideas I’ve been kicking around:

The Night Terrors
The LoCo SuperScars (LoCo is a nickname for our county, Loudoun County)
The Nightmare Machines
The LoCo Terrors

If you have any divine inspiration, I would greatly appreciate it!!!



I’m partial to the LoCo Superstars, myself. Have at it in the comments, wonder killers.

13 thoughts on “Pun Masters! Help name a derby team.

  1. As a fairly local derby girl, I would warn you that there’s a nearby league that already has a home team the Night Terrors. (Pamie, you signed the cleavage of a Terror!)

    I’m not saying team names can never be repeated, but doing so within an hour or two geographically is likely to stir up some derby drama. Particularly when it’s a well established league.

    Also, those colors are awfully similar, make sure your panties are nice and contrasty!

    Why not the Wonder Killers in a true nod to Pamie fandom?!

    1. Thanks! I haven’t gotten around to the Google-fu part of the process; I wanted to narrow stuff down first, but that’s good to know, because you’re right– that’s way too geographically close.

  2. After checking Youtube to see just how the county name is pronounced:

    The Loudoun Fear
    The Loudoun Unruly

    Also according to Wikipedia Fauquier County is just south of you? Plz plz plz move there and start a team called the Fauquads.

    1. I am a huge fan of the LoCoMotion. Plus, your colors remind me of a train. (Hopefully a very fast moving train.) Y’all can be the evil guy who ties the lady to the tracks!

    1. I like it! I was actually thinking black and purple, but there are a lot of leagues/teams around with those colors, including one we play.

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