Pun Masters! Help name a derby team.

Something fun for your Sunday night:


So, you’re the main reason I started playing derby. I’ve been following your blog for 10 years or whatever, and Going in Circles happened to coincide with a Derby league forming in my area. Fast forward almost two years later, and I was just named captain of a newly-forming fourth home team.

Since you’re my derby inspiration and you gave your stamp of approval via Twitter to my derby name (Shevil Dead), I was hoping you would have some team name ideas.

Our three current home teams are;

The Vineyard Vixens
The Beltway Betties
The Backwoods Rollers

My colors will be black and gunmetal grey, and I want us to be dark and scary, to set us apart from the other teams.

Some ideas I’ve been kicking around:

The Night Terrors
The LoCo SuperScars (LoCo is a nickname for our county, Loudoun County)
The Nightmare Machines
The LoCo Terrors

If you have any divine inspiration, I would greatly appreciate it!!!



I’m partial to the LoCo Superstars, myself. Have at it in the comments, wonder killers.

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  1. Paige404

    As a fairly local derby girl, I would warn you that there’s a nearby league that already has a home team the Night Terrors. (Pamie, you signed the cleavage of a Terror!)

    I’m not saying team names can never be repeated, but doing so within an hour or two geographically is likely to stir up some derby drama. Particularly when it’s a well established league.

    Also, those colors are awfully similar, make sure your panties are nice and contrasty!

    Why not the Wonder Killers in a true nod to Pamie fandom?!

    1. Shevil Dead

      Thanks! I haven’t gotten around to the Google-fu part of the process; I wanted to narrow stuff down first, but that’s good to know, because you’re right– that’s way too geographically close.

    2. Shevil Dead

      And I like the Wonder Killers!

  2. Snap Shock

    After checking Youtube to see just how the county name is pronounced:

    The Loudoun Fear
    The Loudoun Unruly

    Also according to Wikipedia Fauquier County is just south of you? Plz plz plz move there and start a team called the Fauquads.

  3. LM

    The LoCoMotion

    1. Annie

      I am a huge fan of the LoCoMotion. Plus, your colors remind me of a train. (Hopefully a very fast moving train.) Y’all can be the evil guy who ties the lady to the tracks!

      1. Shevil Dead

        I like it!



  4. JW

    El Diablo LoCo

  5. Erica

    I keep wishing your colors included purple so that y’all could be Plum LoCo.

    1. Shevil Dead

      I like it! I was actually thinking black and purple, but there are a lot of leagues/teams around with those colors, including one we play.

  6. Colin

    The Loudoun and Dirty.
    Totally LoCo.

    1. Shevil Dead

      We actually have a player named Loudoun Dirty!