Come See Me! — Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2011

Attention all Southland book-nerds and stalkers, this is your warning that I will be in public, answering questions and dorking out on the lovely USC campus, Saturday, April 30th for a discussion and book signing.

Saturday Panel:

3:30 PM
Norris (room? hall? it just says Norris)
Page & Screen
Moderator: Ms. Heather Havrilesky
Mr. Howard Gordon
Ms. Pamela Ribon
Mr. Duke Vincent

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is free, packed with things to do and see, and so deliciously nerdy you will be in geek heaven.

Book-writing rockstars! College campus! Book signings! Street vendor food!

Where else but a book fair in Los Angeles does Ted Danson get top billing?

Last year I accidentally insulted a pregnant lady. The time before that I grossed out the entire audience explaining what a fistula was. What will happen this year? Come find out! Don’t just read it later — here’s your chance to be a part of my inevitable humiliation!


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