It is surprising you didn’t get a phone call at around 11:30pm my time last night, as I wanted to call every single person in the world after I read the following email:

[readermail]From: Brandon Gordon
Subject: You’re in the OED! Your cultural legacy is secure.

Go look up the word “muffin top” in the Oxford English Dictionary (no, seriously, it’s there – they just added it) and a line from one of your books is selected as one of the “contextual” examples.

I’m guessing an editor really liked your Gilmore Girls recaps.


You guys. I’m in the dictionary. I’M IN THE DICTIONARY. I am using all the restraint I have not to type every curse word I’ve ever learned and then make a flakreggin few up because I cannot believe I AM IN THE DICTIONARY.

2. slang. A roll of flesh which hangs visibly over a person’s (esp. a woman’s) tight-fitting waistband.

2003 D. Campbell Wildwood 185 Edith eased her muffin-top backside into the chair opposite the desk.

2006 P. Ribon Why Moms are Weird 29 ‘Oh, my God!’ I shout from inside the dressing room. I stare at my muffin-top in horror.

2010 Daily Star (Nexis) 29 Sept. 33, I hated my muffin top and was desperate to slim down.

All my nerd life, I never thought — I never even dared to dream! — that one day you could look up a word in the dictionary and find my name next to a source! That I could be in someone’s bibliography! I am NERDGASMING. (To be added to OED, April 2012.)

I’d heard about the addition of “muffin top” last week when it was discussed on NPR and The Daily Show, and at one point I thought, “Yeah, I am guilty of using that word in a book a few years ago…” but this?! I’m in the reference section!

Pamlea “Camel” Riboy has made it into the dictionary. And not unlike when I finally got to be Oprah-adjacent I was wearing a mouthguard and a helmet, when you go to find me in the dictionary you must first think of “muffin top”.

You could try to reach this level of dorktastic (TBA: OED, September 2011), but it takes years of practice. Decades. I am getting that OED page printed, framed, and hung over my desk, people.

But before you start thinking I’m going to get a huge(r) nerd(ier) head over this, know that I just opened a package from my mom to find that she sent me: “Crazy Cat Lady — A Magnetic Sculpture Kit.” Thanks, Mom.

Hey, look me up,



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  1. If there’s anyone who shares your level of excitement, it’s me. This is amazing! :-)

    PS: I need to read this blog more often, clearly.

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