Damn right, it’s better than yours.

The boys are so confused by Milkshake today. First Omar, and then Eric (who reminds us how stupid that Sisqo song was (Sisqo — see him in Pieces of April. It’s true!).)

So I emailed Omar.

pamie wrote:

“Omar: Or she’s shaking her breasts. And charging girls to show them how to shake their breast milk.”

That’s it.

The boys are waiting.


On 12/10/03 11:50 AM, “Omar Gallaga” wrote:

Well, I didn’t want to write that I really thought it had something to do with semen. Because, ew.


pamie wrote:

Ew. Have you seen the video? It clears up any confusion, as Kelis (pronounced Kel-EES, I just learned), is constantly serving up boob-shaped objects in a sweaty diner.


“Omar” wrote:

Oh, damn. I shoulda watched the video. My brother failed me.

Anybody ever tell you you know a lot about pop culture?


Eric also gives a hysterical (and accurate) Honey review.

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