I don’t have much to say, but here’s a weird thing. I went to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind last night, and my Tupperware Lady has a considerable role in the film. She plays the NBC tour guide who Barris sleeps with when he first starts working at NBC. And it’s so weird, because the character she’s playing in the movie is the same character she does for the Tupperware Lady, which leads me to think that perhaps she’s just like that. She’s totally from the past.

Not much else. I’ve taken an extra job over the next couple of weeks because I’m broke, broke, broke. It might make my updates over here a little sparce. Also, beginning next week is New York Invasion 2003. I’ll be entertaining many visitors (thus the need for extra cash).

The show sold out last Saturday again. Yay. Today we get a review in this magazine. I have to go Wacko on Hollywood and Sunset to pick one up. I think it’s going to be my favorite review yet.

And check it out: I’m a finalist in a Screenplay competition. See? You enter something in August and then the next thing you know… Free Final Draft 6! Yay!

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