Was I bragging yesterday when I said I had to take another job? It didn’t feel like bragging. Well, in any event, somewhere between the hour that I updated my journal and the time it took to drive to the other side of town, the job went away.

They decided to tell me after I arrived that I was no longer needed, but I could work as a temp that day doing the job they had hired me to do. So, I worked, but there’s no work for the rest of the week, but maybe there will be work next week, when I can’t work because I’ll have company. They hired me to work top of the week, but now there’s only work on weekends, when I’m doing my show. That’s show biz, folks.

And it kind of pisses me off, because I had turned down another job for this job. They told me to turn down the other job, telling me a million reasons why I should take this one instead. I knew I should have gone with the other job, I knew it the second the guy was like, “Right on.” I knew I had made a mistake.

So here I am, not at work, thinking about how weird yesterday was as a whole. I had conversations I didn’t know were going to happen, I had to cancel lunch with an old friend to make room for the new job that I lost before I started, and I heard someone I knew on Love Line. You know, a weird day like that, where you’re driving in your car at midnight shouting, “I know that girl!” and there’s nobody you can call at that hour to tell them to turn on the radio, because everyone you know either has a baby or is living in another time zone.

So, anyway. Here I am. And also, here I am. Check out my ISBN, people! Fear it! Love it! I love it. I love it very much. Don’t bother following that “Buy Now” button. You can’t buy it now. It comes out in July, so I don’t think you’ll be able to buy it until at least June. But still. I have an ISBN.

Then I tried to go find the IN magazine that’s supposed to have our good review, but I guess it comes out (heh) tomorrow. And I tried buying the Backstage West we were reviewed in, but the new one already came out. That’s a great story, isn’t it? I’ll tell it again in an hour.

Last Friday we had City Search come to see the show, presumably to review it, although I see no reviews on their site. Anyway, as I was about to go onstage, Katey turned to me, punched her fist in the air and said, “Do it for City Search!” My new favorite motto.

I know we’re the only city in America that isn’t five degrees right now (I think it’s close to 75), but I want you guys to know that we’re all covered in germs and keep passing around the same horrible cold. Everyone I know has been sick or is sick or got sick again. I’ve been coughing and sneezing all day long. It just sits in your sinuses and reminds you how you’re supposed to feel during winter, even though it’s clearly Spring outside. Does that make you feel any better? No?

For those of you who have sent frantic emails to me regarding Ladee Leroy’s suddenly password-protected site, she’s back. She had a really good excuse for being gone.

Oh, man. Maybe soon I’ll have an actual story to tell, and it won’t be just me updating just to update.

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