Xmas Haul

I wanted to make a special thank you to everyone who sent their holiday tidings this year.  In addition to the many holiday cards that are taped to my living room wall, we received several presents in the mail.  Your thank you card is on it’s way, but this is a little bit faster.

Thank you Frank for the Stephen King book.  I had been wanting to read it for a while, and my mom already loaned hers away.

Thank you Lee for the triple whammy.  My Austin Powers CD collection is complete, and Eric was very excited to get a CD that he was sure no one was actually going to buy for him.  He’s listening to it now, I believe.

Thank you Never for  Glorious.  I did the happy Eddie Izzard dance.

Thank you Mighty Kymm for great photographs (so you just shutup) of my play produced without me having to do anything.  It looks like you did a great job with the directing.

Thank you Eleanor for some great photographs of us, which came with a funny story.  We’re totally in love with the one you placed on top.  By the way, your gift finally shipped.  You should get it pretty soon.

We’ve got some frames to buy…

Thank you Allison for the Grosse Point Blank CD.  We popped it in right away. I had completely forgotten about it!  Hope we’ll see you in Austin soon.

You all will be very happy to know that Beth has made sure that I will have to read Jitterbug Perfume.  Now all of you can leave me alone.

Wing Chun sent the sweet hook-up:  in addition to the rockin’ CD, the Team North MBTV gift is gonna rule my guest bathroom.

Lisa and Kim somehow both sent copies of Our Dumb Century.  We decided that it’s probably best to have two copies, since that’s a book that people tend to borrow and then never return.

Just like how I lent the book Naked and never got it back.  Luckily, Kirsten replaced the copy.

And rounding out my Sedaris collection, Daniel sent Barrel Fever, which I haven’t read before.

I knew the wrapped video had to be Heathers before I even opened it.  Thanks, Yolanda, for soothing my psychic nerves.  I really wanted a copy of that movie.

David started everything off by sending the Bjork CD that I totally have been listening to for the past three weeks, ignoring my earlier promise to keep it under the tree.

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Jessica sent Flirting With Disaster and told me that since she’s Jewish, I could open it before Christmas. We watched it two weekends ago.

Omar surprised me by sending the other Bjork CD on my wish list.  Omar, are you okay, buddy?  Let me know if I can do anything.  We can try and assemble a crew to hunt down your hit-and-run asshole.

Stacey is keeping my groove on by sending the Crooklyn (More Music From…) CD.  This album has the song that the nurse sang to my mother when I was born.  It’s an album of happy thoughts.  Thanks.

Erica sent the incredible hook-up of a collection of Jive’s best.  The Tribe Called Quest Anthology was met with much rejoicing.

Jackie sent the book I was drooling over on Kim’s wishlist.  I can’t wait to read it.

Because I broke my promise with Stee and sent him a present anyway, he turned right around and broke it again to send Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  It’s all going to start over again in April when we have dueling birthdays.

Sarah sent St. Clare, the patron saint of television.  Now when one commits suicide during the next episode of Get Real, I’ve got another waiting in the wings.  She also was kind enough to send some Maalox.

If your name isn’t here and you sent something, then contact me, because I didn’t get it.  Thanks everyone for your generosity and warm thoughts over the holiday.


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