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Merry Christmas Eve.

I made it to my parent’s house, and my favorite thing about the drive here (well, it’s really the only interesting thing to see on the entire drive…) is a sign that’s posted in front of a Pecan Stand.  It proudly boasts in large letters:



Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a warm holiday weekend and send cyber love to Eric, who is currently trapped in an airport.  His connecting flight got cancelled.  There’s nothing I can do.  He’s hundreds of miles away and all alone on Christmas Eve.  Just send him some warm thoughts and I’m sure a new flight will come around for him soon.

Two Holiday Extras:

Even if you don’t read my Get Real recaps, the one posted for today is one of my favorites.  It’s holiday-themed, so grab some egg nog and sit back for a warm winter’s read.

In today’s Technopolis I complain about the current phenomena of online “Millennium Lists.”

Okay, that’s enough.  My mother is counting the minutes she has with my company, so I can’t cheat her out of any.  She’s actually reading a book right now, so I’m feeling guilty.

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