Silent Nights

Here’s the deal.

I have no voice.  Because of that, I am going to be spending quite a bit of time at home.  Alone.  Without internet service.  For some reason I cannot connect at home at all, and it’s driving me crazy.

But I realized at one point how interesting it will be if I don’t use the internet for a few days.  I haven’t done that in years.  I spend at least most of my work days on the net.  With my voice gone, I’m not going to be able to.  I wonder how I’m going to do.  Yesterday I sat at home and got all weird about not being able to upload.  Not because I couldn’t, but rather, because I couldn’t tell all of you why.

So, here’s the thing:  I think Squishy is going to be on a one week vacation.  It’s gonna take at least until Tuesday to get my voice back and have an internet connection again and everything.  If for some reason, I get to be in front of a computer between now and then, I promise I’ll upload a little something saying how I’m doing.

So, what I plan on doing is a series of entries offline, and when I get back I’ll upload them all.  So even though you won’t get Squishy everyday for a while, there will be a bunch of Squishies to read when I get back.  Is that a deal?

This is the most I’ve said in days.

Now I’m tired.  I just don’t feel like myself without my voice.

See you soon.

Side note filed in the “typical” section:  I came to work early this morning to upload this statement and then get to work for a few hours and then go home, eat Amanda‘s cookies and feel sorry for myself.  I couldn’t do it at home because of my internet service.  I came here and my friggin’ web server is down.  Then I tried to get into the forum to post a note, but that seems to be down as well.  It’s like the whole net is down.  It’s always something.

I really do feel terrible about this, what with all the hype about birthday week and all, but maybe after one year of service, it’ll be good to take a week off and just recuperate and get ready to kick off another year.  Right?  You guys will still be here when I get back, right?

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